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Forecasting Techniques In Aviation Industry - Essay Example

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1.1 Organization Back ground: The organization selected in this paper is British Airways. The company is the world's biggest international airlines. It carries more passengers than any other airlines who travel from one country to another country. It is world's longest established airline firm and is regarded as leader in aviation industry…

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Forecasting Techniques In Aviation Industry

The company developed and implemented a global supply chain solution. This enabled the company to deliver on board customer services as one of the largest airline firms of the world. The company is first to personalize the service for the valued customers. The technology partners of the company are industry matematik International (IMI), Manugistics. One of the most valued strength of the company is committed and professional people in the staff. The majority of the staff in BA is willing to own a problem and is capable of chasing it exemplary. 1
The British Airways demonstrated the compatibility of pleasure and profits. The organization in the company presented its culture as the explanation for the transformation. The organizational environment at the time of transformation resulted in structural changes observing the impact of them in the long term. The organizational structure of the firm exhibited no corporate friction. In general the corporate friction targets to promote positive attitudes by increasing employee's area of responsibility. This system will align financial interests. BA's organizational structure targeted employee attitudes and aimed at secure commitment. The structure did not resign behavioral compliance as staff has common vision in working together. 2
1.2 Problem definition and analysis: The problem conside ...
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