Managing Information

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When is it required - Timeliness: The launch is to be planned as soon as possible, depending on the market demand. Therefore information is required about market demand or to what extent the demand can be created.
Does it serve the purpose - Complete: Once collected, the information needs to be reviewed for its utility.


At times we need to hire the services of experts and guest editors having the background of the concerned sport.
Subscription Department: This section requires information concerning the rates of subscription prevalent in the market, so that it can decide about the price of the magazine and subscription schemes to attract new subscribers.
Magazines available in market: Just go through the magazines available in the market and surf the content. This will provide the requisite information about its content and quality. This will also provide information about the subscription schemes.
Mailers to Existing Readers/ Patrons: Sending mailers/ other communication to existing subscribers (since the publishing house is already having some magazines under its fold) will help in getting a feel about the salability of a new magazine.
Word of mouth campaigns: Talk to your own employees (as they are an integral part of the society) and try to gather their responses towards starting yet another magazine, as to whether they are cool or enthusiastic about the idea.
Processing of Information: All such information is analyzed at the managerial level and once we have concrete knowledge (information analysis leads to knowledge) about the market requirement, budgeting, promotional requirements, staff requirements etc, such information/ guidelines can be passed on to the c ...
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