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Executing, Controlling, and Closing Projects

QMS through Quality planning, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and inspection directs and controls all OMS processes to achieve continual quality improvement of products/services supplied by an organization.
services which effects quality conformance of products/services provided by the organization. Under such cases, outsourced processes/products/services are recorded in Quality management plan to ensure control on the outsourced agencies to achieve required quality. Management must be committed for quality improvement. Management should ensure customer's focus is given top priority by clearly documenting responsibility, authority and communication channels at all levels of the organization. Customer related process like customer requirements, customer communications, purchasing process, verification and validation of purchased product, service provision, identification and traceability of product/ service, preservation of products, control of monitoring, test/ measuring devices, procedures for analyzing and improvement, control of non-conformities related to product/service should be laid down; customer satisfaction should be given top most priority by analysis of data and implementation of corrective actions, preventive actions must be planned for continual improvement.
9.0 As TopLiance Corporation decided to implement on-line sales program, the corporation must ensure and uninterrup ...
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1.0 Quality is not an add-on feature, but it has to be built-in into a product/service. Quality is defined as the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bares on it the ability to satisfy the given need. Quality, from the user's view quality is 'fitness for use'…
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