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Free is the keyword. Internet is the battlefield or the playground. It may be a war or a game depending on your frame of mind. Virus is also a keyword in the Internet. Most of the time it's a frightening or threatening buzzword. But it is a lucrative and rewarding word when it is applied to the way we make marketing online.


Somewhere along its contents, they will be committed intelligently to buy our products and services as we will place ads strategically in the free e-book. And the marketing cycle is never ending as our readers will voluntarily e-mail this e-book to their friends, and their friends to their friends, and so on ad infinitum. This is the main idea behind Viral Marketing.
On the other hand, for Brady Brewer (2001, February 21) there are five principles to follow up in order to find optimization in any E-Mail Viral Marketing campaign. They're needed to be followed carefully in order to avoid negative reactions. They are the following:
(Brewer, B. (2001, February 21). Tips for Optimizing Viral Marketing Campaigns". Clickz Network. (World Wide Web page). Available: (27 Sept. 2005)).
According to Steve Jurvetson (1997, May 1), inventor of the buzzword "Viral Marketing" back in 1997, and Tim Draper (1997, May 1), Viral Marketing is essential in the marketing efforts of any company. Their words are a living testimony about the importance of Viral Marketing in the present times: "A good idea can spread more quickly over the Internet than had ever been possible before in the physical world, where manufacturing and distribution fundamentally limit the rate of product adoption. ...
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