Kent Fire and Rescue Service Company

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This is a company that deals with delivering fire and rescue services to its customers who live in Kent and Medway area. The numbers of people that receive the company services are over 1.6 million people. It is located over 225 kilometers or 139 miles of the coastline, inland waterways and the busiest sea channel in the world.


The management of the company works together with the human resource Coastguard and the Royal Air-force so as to offer its services during the period when the off-shore ship fires occur and it rescues people who may be experiencing problems when accidents occur. It operates under the rules and regulations that are stipulated by the Kent Fire and Rescue Service Authority.
Kent Fire and Rescue Service Company are regarded as one of the largest non-metropolitan fire and rescue services and it consists of over 66 fire stations. It has over 2000 employees who are charged with the responsibility of running its operations of its different departments. The major objective of the company involves investing in the activities that are geared towards preventing fires and accidents from occurring, responding quickly to incidents and accidents that they are called upon to control and ensuring that the staff is well trained in dealing with the major accidents arising from their areas of operation. In the year 2005, a comprehensive performance assessment was conducted and it showed that the company had excelled better than other fire and rescue services in the country (Hughes, Mardon, and Meakins, 2005:96).
The officers of this company face major challenges of running its operations while crossing through the White Cliffs at Dover when they are called upon to rescue people who may have been stuc ...
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