Starting a New Business

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This is a research paper relating to the field of accounting and finance. The paper is about a financial consultation firm which does financial consulting for new firms that are yet to be set-up and also to already existing firms. The main aim and objective of this research is to address the various contemporary issues in management accounting and to give consulting advice to new business entrants on issues relevant to finance and accounting.


This research will use the mixed-method design, but will lean more toward the evidences that have been quoted in various financial and management accounting studies. The research mainly focuses on historical information that is available. Secondary sources like books, journals and the internet are also used as part of this research. The entire research revolves around issues relating to accounting and financing of new business. Additionally, the research also focused on contemporary issues in management accounting. People planning to set up a new business need to find out a lot about various issues that could affect their new business, local laws, rules and regulations etc. The people also should acquaint themselves about various finance related issues which may influence the company that is going to be newly set up. Long-term finance is absolutely essential for any operating concern. A lot of contemporary issues and development in the field of finance and accounting, especially in the field of management accounting have also been identified and discussed in detail.
The main reasons behind writing this research paper is to address certain issues relating to accounting and finance and also some of the contempor ...
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