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Leadership and Innovation

This in turn is supposed to improve the organization's operational flexibility and thus the ability to deal with change.
For the study of leadership, the above mentioned changes have led to the widespread adoption of empowerment strategies. Such an adoption is understandable: if one flattens an organization's structure, there is little choice but to empower the organisations lower-level workers with broader decision-making responsibilities. As a result, the traditional "limits to power" once designated by boundaries of hierarchy and rational authority are blurring (Gordon 2002).
This paper deals with the questions of leadership and its intrinsic relation with organisational change and innovation within the framework of a case study - the experience of WL Gore & Associates, Inc. The paper consists of three major parts, related respectively to leadership, change and innovation, each chapter discussing both theoretical concepts and their practical implementation at Gore & Associates.
The New Leadership paradigm incorporated three main categories of theory - transactional leadership, transformational leadership, and culture-based leadership. ...
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Traditional organizational forms reflect the concepts of differentiation, rationalization, and specialization and are characterized by hierarchy, division of labour, and managerial control. These structures promote clear boundaries for individual and group identities, which allow social environments to be easily controlled through departmentalization and the rational acceptance of who governs and who obeys…
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