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Essay example - External environment of business

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The world has been coming closer and closer with the rising population and improvement in civilization. In the fifteenth century it was the Spaniards and the Portuguese who changed the way the world was working. The innovative survived and grew. Various changes that have been happening in the world in the last two decades have brought globalization to the point of people calling it the Global Village…

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This has happened in other forums also that could represent the people of the world. World Trade Organization has its own view of the Globalization. While the other experts and researchers have their very own thought process on the issue of global village and globalization. This paper will look at the multiple view points and contrast it with the views of Alex MacGillivary.
World Trade Organization promotes global trade; ethical global trade. With the increasing technological and political closeness of the countries the national boundaries are merging to produce one single working economy. The fall of the Berlin wall brought about an integration of Germany, as much as the Euro that brought about unified trading partnership between the European Countries. WTO heralds the coming together of all these practices that would include sub groups like the G8, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), and a number of multilateral forum primarily to work out consensus on the issues that plague the global trade. WTO works on the global trade sine globalization is more pronounced and felt in trade than on any other walks of life, let it be culture or sports exchanges.
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