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Supply Chain Development

The supply management handles all these activities in addition to coordination of all the partners in the supply chain channel. As the world advances and more goods and services are being demanded by the ever increasing population in the whole world, there is need to put up systems that are both efficient and effective to aid in this conversion of products and consequent supply to the final consumer. The construction supply chain is one of the local supply chains; it involves the design and construction of building structures.
Numerous supply chains all around the world have been developed to cater for the needs of the consumers in that chain. The world is under a great threat due to effects of environmental degradation that has lead to numerous negative effects such as global warming, climatic change, deforestations and desertification, polar ice melting, loss in the scenic beauty of the landscape, increase of tropical and other diseases, creation of huge dumping sites that lead to air, water and land pollution affecting the human, plant and animal life in general. Due to this pollution the human population is under threat. There is need to diversify and intensify any or all activity geared to reversing these hazardous effects.
According to Friedman (2008), there is need for greening supply chains. ...
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A supply chain is a network consisting of commercial businesses which provide services and products to the consumer. The businesses are interconnected together forming a chain. The chain starts with raw materials which are in the end are converted in the final product and supplied to the final consumer…
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