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Carnegie Mellon University. - Admission/Application Essay Example

Admission/Application Essay
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Carnegie Mellon University. My desire to study at Carnegie Mellon University has developed over a long time since I gained awareness of the significance of choosing the right institution of higher learning to pursue studies. …

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Carnegie Mellon University.

I have interacted with former graduates from the institution as well as read information from the institution’s website and realized that it was the appropriate place for me to further my studies. I have also applied to Wharton, MIT and Notre Dame, but Carnegie Mellon University remains my first choice. The undergraduate business program in the Tepper School of Business is my preferred choice because of its global focus, which is not only a source of business management skills but also a significant eye opener in terms of international business management. I have learnt that quantitative decision making and analytical problem solving skills are emphasized in the program, which has generated enthusiasm and the desire in me to become one of the graduates of this prestigious institution. I have learnt of the privilege to major in business administration and to select one of the specialties such as international management, finance, marketing and general management among other fields in the course. I chose the undergraduate business program with the view of fulfilling my objective of becoming a professional business manager. I have witnessed many organizations succumb to economic crisis leading to huge losses and closure. ...
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