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Essay example - Google’s organisation culture and its way of working

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This is beneficial to both the organisation and the employees. As such, this essay seeks to critically analyse the organisational culture of…

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The third part critically analyses the structure of Google through applying the Post-Fordism theory. Common characteristics about groups are discussed on the basis of the case study and the video and a conclusion is drawn at the end of the paper.
Employee performance is enhanced by the existence of an effective work environment as illustrated from the case of Google. Google is an American based company that specialises in offering communication technology such as internet services. Since its inception, the company has been guided in its operations by valuing the needs and interests of the employees (Googling out of Control, 2007). The major strength of the organisation, which can be attributed to its culture, lies in its ability to motivate the employees, which has contributed to its productivity. Employees are encouraged to be innovative, and they are rewarded for their ideas.
An analysis of the case study as well as the video footage shows that Google is regarded as the best place to work in America as the employees are motivated and their needs and interests are satisfied (Googling out of Control, 2007). Motivation is seen as the key aspect behind the effectiveness of the organisation in its performance since the employees share the same goals with the organisation. For instance, mistakes made by the employees do not warrantee a punishment, but they are treated as an effective tool for learning.
According to Stahl & Mendenhall (2005), culture is believed to shape the operations of the organisation in various ways. It contributes to innovation and success, which allows the managers to be able to cope with problems related to adoption as well as integration. Organisational culture at Google is considered to be very effective given that it has recently been named the best company for employees by Fortune Magazine. The core values of the organisation’s culture are intensely held and shared (Robbins, 1993). Due ...
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