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Rewards practices in organizations that rely on employee based performance contributions to the organization are essentially through increase…

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Discussion Question

I recommend an equity based rewards program. An equity based reads program is not the same as an equal rewards program. In an equity based rewards program the rewards outcomes are not equal for all employees. Instead the rewards are apparently fair in terms of the contributions made by the employees, or groups of employees, such as teams. Thus, in the rewards program recommended by me the pay is not equal for employees, the raise in pay is not equal across all employees, the perks received are not the same, and promotions are not based on any time scale that makes the opportunities for promotion the same for all employees. In my recommended rewards program, all these elements of a rewards program are dispensed on the basis of contribution to the performance of the company. In other words, the employees or group of employees that contributes more gets more. In the development of my rewards program I have drawn support from the equity theory in the distribution of rewards to employees. Employees do not feel that they are being discriminated against in the distribution of rewards, when it is clear to them that the employees or groups of employees who have received more are the same employees who have made larger contributions to the performance of the organization (Phillips & Gully, 2011).
Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. (2008). Making Teamwork Rewarding. Retrieved from, Good Company, 2(4), Web Site: (Accessed April 26, ...
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