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week 9 discussion paper

Loyal work force had also become increasingly costly throughout the years due to two recent developments. Labor turnover have became increasingly costly to employers due to the increased competition for employee talent and the increase of employee development. Also, the growing transition from the hierarchal organization of work to an empowerment model had become a recent trend in order for the business to successfully compete in many business environments (Roehling, et al, 2001).
As the work force loyalty increases importance in a business, there has been a decrease in traditional approaches that would foster loyalty among employees. The traditional long term job security, rapid advancement, and regular increase in compensation are no longer that efficient in promoting loyalty. Thus, employers are continuously in search of better alternatives to these traditional approaches. One of the proposed concepts is the incorporation of Work/Life Policies and Practice that would more likely produce loyal and committed workforce (Armstrong, 2006). This policies and practices include flexible working schedule, child care assistance, family-leave policies, and other policies that can help employees to manage the increasing demand of work and family obligations (Roehling et al, 2001).
The social exchange theory can provide the relationship between employee behavior and the work/life policies and practices that the employer provides. It is typical for employees to seek balance in the exchange relationship that they provide for their employers. As employers act in a manner that is beneficial to the employees to a point that these actions encompasses the demands of their social role, the employees would tend to value the norm of reciprocity that creates the feeling of obligation and in turn makes them more committed with their employer (Roehling et al, 2001).
In addition, theories of social justice and role quality both result to an ...
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Employee loyalty has always been a concern of companies as it is often associated with the behaviors of the employees such as attendance, turnover, and organizational citizenship (Roehling, Roehling, and Moen, 2001). Most of these employees are faced with several obligations…
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