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Essay example - intentional business

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I am a senior student originally from Saudi Arabia. This paper focuses on business operations in a Spa called Brazelia Med Spa in Boca Raton where I underwent my internship. I worked in this…

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business with products and services ranging from medical, Intravenous nutrition, medical aesthetic, massage therapy, weight management, aesthetic, body care, chronic pain sports injury, and labs. There are also a number of procedures conducted in this institution such as intravenous nutrition therapy, Botox/dysport and dermal fillers, weight management, and hormone replacement therapy. There are other Spas in Florida that compete with Brazelia in offering these services. One of these include the Forever Young Med Spa in South Florida. Brazelia is a for-profit institution that has been open to the public since the year 2007 and hence has a strong customer base. This institutions mission is "to bring familys health to an optimal and harmonious balance". During my internship, I worked at the reception, insurance department, and financial department. My roles and responsibilities included organizing patients applications alphabetically, filling out patients information such as name, cell number, date of birth, and email address in a sheet, and putting all the important patients details in the system. It was also my duty to ensure that all patients confirmed their appointments.
It is worth noting that managers face many challenges blending knowledge, skills, ambitions, and expertise of a diverse group of employees. It is therefore imperative for managers to have leadership attributes that would help them in the achievement of organizational goals. A huge percentage of effective managers have conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal skills. A manager must have interpersonal skills for him or her to effectively communicate and socialize with colleagues as well as other employees. According to Griffin and Moorhead, "The manager uses interpersonal skills to communicate with, understand, and motivate individuals and groups" (10). Additionally, Griffin and Moorhead posits that "conceptual skills are the managers ability to think in the abstract. A manager ...
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