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Logic in Argument

Innovative leaders actively seek means of increasing communication and breaking down interdepartmental barriers between the management and the workers. The actions of doing so range from recreation spaces where open forums can be used for making presentations to physical designing of work. Forums, for example, not only improve the workers’ technical communication, but also make them aware of the skills, achievements and progress of their peer competitors. Such an environment instills the need for creativity through critical thinking (Klemm, 2012).
Overspecialization is one way that hinders creative thought. An organizational team with members from diverse backgrounds creates an intellectual environment that has the potential to promote development. An environment with diverse minds has a broad perspective of evaluating problems and getting new ways to the best solutions. Moreover, new projects arise from a combination of technical skills and creativity (klemm, 2012).
Bill Simon is one leader who has shown the above-mentioned critical thinking skills. He has been the CEO of Wal-Mart USA stores until his retirement on August this year. Simon joined the company in 2006 as the vice president in charge of professional services. Between 2007 and 2010, he was the chief operating officer. During this period, he created and launched the $4 prescription drug package. In 2010, Simon, made a huge turn around by correcting mistakes in merchandise and pricing. He also restored several items that the company had stopped produced and also succeeded in offering low ...
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When workers or subjects know that their managers provide rewards for new ideas, they will not only generate new ideas, but also come up with possible solutions to problems obstructing the organization. The only way an organization’s leader can make his or her wants believable…
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