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choose one of these enzymes and explain what it is (have extra insruction)

Apart from aging, collagen can also be lost through malfunctioning of the structure. This study will seek to relay more information about Collagen enzyme that comprises human beings’ stature especially its importance.
It comprises of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which are amino acids whereby the latter is usually a product of proline’s reaction with oxygen (Artmann & Chien 163). The three amino acids are what give it a triple helical configuration (Mecham 80). Although there are 28 types of its Collagen usually detonated using Roman numbers ranging from I to XXVII, the most common ones are I-V. Type I is quite evident in bones, ligaments, dermis and tendons whereby its core role encompasses resisting tension in these respective areas. Type II is present in stretchy cartilage together with hyaline responsible in resisting pressure. Type III is quite rampant in cardiovascular systems, spleen, lungs and the lymphatic system (Keeley & Mecham 40). Type IV its location is in the basement membrane where it filters glomeruli and blood capillaries, whereas type V comprises placenta, cell surfaces and hair (Keeley & Mecham 40).
Figure 1: Collagen structure made up of Hydroxyproline and proline. Accessed on 5Th March. of muscle, muscle contraction.files/image051.jpg
Type I is the most profuse in humans because it is present in body organs such as the skin, ligaments and tendons (Artmann & Chien 165). The skin’s middle section commonly referred as dermis is usually made of collagen. Some roles of collagen include strengthening of bones hence enhance them provide structural support to the body and act as lever for attachment of muscles, which aid in mobility (Artmann & Chien 165). It is essential to humans because it provides sturdy and ...
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Collagen is a complex protein whose main role is to provide flexibility to the skin, ligaments, joints, bones, nails, eyes and hair (Artmann & Chien 163). It makes up 30% of all proteins available in humans and all mammals (Artmann & Chien 163). The body produces this due to the…
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