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14 Creative Ways to Smuggle Booze Into Any Gig

When you are a student, you need to be a real inventor to both have fun and save your money. You surely want to go to a concert or a festival, but buying their drinks gets really expensive.

You can’t get your own bottle inside, but you can sneak it. And if you’re crafty enough to get past the security unsuspected, you win big time.

Just in case, here are some handy tips that will help you smuggle your booze into any concert, festival, or a sports event.

  • Powdered alcohol

A recent invention called Palcohol (powdered alcohol), when dissolved in water, will make you a great cocktail. Besides, it’s really easy to sneak into any venue.


 Old-school bootlegging 

Old-time bootleggers used their boots to hide alcohol. Get a flask of a proper shape and size and place it in your shoe.


 Sealed alcohol bags

Vacuum-sealed bags can be great for smuggling liquors. They are flexible and can be attached to your clothes or body.

original set 2

 Tights or lace leg bands

Nothing goes better with a fab party dress than a pair of sexy tights ..and a flask fixed to your leg.


 Alcohol-injected fruit... 

...or candies will do a trick for you. Nothing looks more innocent than an apple or an orange. No one needs to know it’s whiskey-filled.


 Sunscreen (or any other cosmetics) container

Anything goes: shampoo and perfume bottles, hand cream and lipstick containers. If you’ve decided to pretend you have a mouthwash with you, just add some food coloring to your vodka.


  A tie

Yeah, it would be really weird to wear a tie to a party. So you better act extravagant, and no one will think anything suspicious.



If you wear a ponytail, this is your opportunity.


 Duct-tape the nips to your body

Get yourself a bunch of those tiny bottles and attach them to your body. Walk past the security with a confident smile.


 Booze-filled tampons

There are even fake tampons for such occasions on Amazon. Sorry, guys.


 Place your beer can into a bread loaf

Any bread loaf will do, or a pack of sandwich bread, or a burrito (of course, if you’re allowed to bring in food with you).


 Place your beer can into a soda can

Prepare yourself to some DIY a couple of hours before the gig.



...which also means “bury your own bottle”.


 Pick your alcohol-sneaking item on Amazon

There are lots of them apart from the “secret binocular flasks”. There are “wine racks” for girls and “pocket underwear” for guys, “bev-bags” and “sippin’ seats” that you can fill with your favorite booze and take to a stadium with no problem at all. Put on your “flask sandals” and take a “flask book” to “read”. Just keep calm and act natural.


 Oh, and we aren’t saying to get wasted or get in trouble. Have some fun, but do it responsibly. Alcohol isn’t that necessary, after all.