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Chapter III: Method The primary purpose of this research project is to examine the relationship between creative written and verbal expressions and attitudes toward violence among at-risk inner city middle and high school male students. Chapter III is divided into two parts: the research methods used and data analyses…


The chapter ends with a discussion of the limitations and advantages. Context of the Study The context of this quantitative research is the experience of juvenile violence among African-American males in New Orleans. New Orleans African American males are selected because New Orleans continues to struggle with a growing epidemic of domestic and interpersonal violence often resulting from stress related to incomplete recovery efforts from Hurricane Katrina, economic and housing challenges, the loss of community and neighborhoods, fragmented and broken familial structures, struggling schools, and untreated mental health issues (COMMONHealth Action, 2009, p. 3). In New Orleans violence is an “insidious public health crisis that jeopardizes the city, its children and youth, its residents, and their future” (COMMONHealth Action, 2009, p. 3). The proposed time frame for this case study is four weeks. During the four-week schedule, the researcher conducts the interviews, follow-up interviews and further document collection. Research Methods The current research aims to use a quasi experimental design, which is a variation of the true experimental design. Neuman (2003) identified seven parts to a classical or true experimental design: treatment or the independent variable, the dependent variable, pretest, post-test, experimental group, control group, and random assignment. ...
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