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Using Relationship Marketing to Improve Customer Relations

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The current dissertation aims to investigate Marks & Spencer’s relationship marketing strategies and evaluate customers’ attitudes towards it. Marks & Spencer have rebranded themselves with the new ‘Your M&S’ concept and have restyled their advertising campaigns (print, billboard & TV) with for example the successful Twiggy and friends adverts.

Wellbeing of afghan refugees in Sweden

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Thousands of Afghan refugees have experienced a lot of sufferings due to consequences of war in their country. This dissertation, which adopts both qualitative and quantitative approach endeavours to have an extensive understanding of wellbeing of afghan refugees in community centre in Sweden, Malmo called ‘Iransk svensk solidaritet’.

Mergers and aquisitions in the USA banking.

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The paper studies the impact of the consolidation of banks and its effects on the wealth of the shareholders. Though it is largely thought that consolidation is likely to have a positive effect on the wealth of the shareholders, study has found that it is not the case.

Computing platforms

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Prospective buyers and users have their own unique needs and priority. Business people prefer stability and reliability. Gamers need speed, good graphics, and high frame rates.

Perceptions of Midwives of Pregnant Teenagers/Teenage Parents in the UK

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However, the literature has been limited into the empirical investigation of midwife perceptions of their health care role with pregnant teenagers. And, there is limited knowledge of what midwife perceptions of pregnant teenagers may actually be, and from where they source this knowledge.

Bussiness Plan for Start-up Restaurant

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This business plan is focused on a restaurant strat up named as ChopChop. Target market zone for ChopChop has been selected as Doha, Qatar. A primary analysis performed among the target market customers showed tendency towards consuming healthy food, that is why serving fresh food is a major purpose of this business.

Discussion on Price and Purchase Indexes

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The index tables will show that there is a significant rate of inflation and that current pay scales of TECCO employees are not contusive to an adequate standard of living.

How important has Hollywood been in influencing Chinese filmmaking since the 1980s

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The Chinese film industry and the Chinese government are both engaged in ensuring that co-production efforts with the US and the Hollywood film industry are moving forward in order to meet commercial needs of both countries.

Qualitative Study on Muslim Women's Experience on Wearing Hijaab in British Society: A Psychosocial Dissertation Proposal

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Dates and times are noted for each interview. Reporting is reformatted within the dissertation proposal, in summary and thematic form. The interviews were more informally conducted and the narrative of the interviewer/interviewees is slightly restructured to form a more direct narrative, but the structure is essentially a verbatim transcript of the interviews.

Credit risk management in commercial banks (First Bank Nigeria Plc)

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One of the major reasons behind the global meltdown was the lack of proper finance management practices including a poor credit risk management system by many of the top global financial corporations

MGT 5400 Individual Project

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These include the chaotic, stability, and the high performance stages of organizational development. Therefore, with this in the mind of a project leader, it is important that a training intervention is drafted to aid in implementing specific strategies at the organizational level at a practical level.

A critical study of credit risk management in the First Bank of Nigeria PLC

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A Critical study of credit risk management in the First Bank of Nigeria Plc Credit risk management Any kind of probable loss is a risk and needs to be computed. The volume of such losses depends on the risk management concept and its technicalities. In banks, the most important risk issue is the credit risk issue.

RFID Tracking

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It started in the 1800’s with many of our new technologies having begun then, such as the earliest motorbikes, cars and phones. Much of this development takes many years to come to fruition; one such technology is the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag tracking system.

Globalization: Does it facilitate or damage the World's underprivileged?

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.................................................................3 Introduction......................................................................................................................................6 Research Question........................

The business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period

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The target customers belong to the age bracket of 16-34 years old. 13 million prospects visit the website each month coming from 160 countries. Since the enterprise was launched it has received over 50 various awards. It literally competed with eBay and Amazon although its products were limited to fashion clothing, jewelry, footwear, and accessories.

Perception of China as a tourist country: Western tourists' point of view

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It was discovered from previous researches that many Western tourists had visited the country but they had to face some problems in the country which impacted their overall tourism experience. After Olympics game in 2008, China’s image was improved but the number of tourists visiting China was not increasing at the rate as expected; the tourism and hospitality industries were unable to meet the standards as set by the Western tourists.

The impact of service expectations on marketing strategies in the UK economy airline industry: A case study focusing on EasyJet

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Apart from customers’ expectations, there are other factors too that have influenced Easy Jet’s marketing strategy. The research methodology adopted for this research study is based on positivistic paradigm. Positivism is a scientific approach which is based on the viewpoint that the information retrieved from logical and statistical analysis provides valid outcome.

Strategic Management: The Alignment of HR Strategies With Corporate Strategies

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A mixed methods case study was conducted with which interviews and survey questionnaires were carried out in order to obtain more detailed and comprehensive results. Running records such as company reports and exit interviews were also examined. Findings indicated that the HR strategies of the CMG only focused on administrative functions (e.g.

State and Security in the Third World

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The Article of Jeremy Keenan Discussion Jeremy Keenan in the article “Demystifying Africa’s Security” argues on the role of United States in reducing the internal tension caused by ethnic and communal riots in Africa through the use of military power.

Critical overview of the enforcement of foreign arbitral award in Saudi Arabia

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The various arbitration conventions available are efficient and offer different approaches to solving disputes, particularly in an increasingly integrated global system.  This study aims to describe arbitration and arbitral enforcement in Saudi Arabia. The country has established historical and legal foundations for this dispute settlement mechanism, which are the Arbitration Law of 1983 and the Rules for the Implementation of Saudi Arabian Arbitration Regulation decreed in 1985.

Art and Celebrity

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The impact of fame can both be beneficial and disadvantageous. To some extent, it can provide the much needed exposure to any activity, artwork, movie, song, or political cause. In other instances, fame can also have disastrous consequences, both in the physical and the psychological sense.

The impact of using oil base mud in oil drilling rigs (Equipments, People and Environment)

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29 Time Line Page31 References Page 32 Hypothesis Oil based mud used in drilling has an improved environmental impact compared to the existing water based mud. Aims of the Research The aim of this research is to test the validity of the hypothesis. In order to do this, a life cycle assessment will be done for oil and water based mud to understand the different types of drilling fluids, the characteristics of each type and the reasons for using it.

The effectiveness of transitional justice mechanisms in Afghanistan. Is justice complementary or contradictory?

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There is hence a strong and growing consensus among the public to seek transitional justice and bring to book, the perpetrators of such crimes with an aim to set a precedent and prevent the gross repetition in the future. The Afghan government has been receiving persistent international support and aid however the calls for justice have been conveniently ignored due to various reasons, one of them being the difference in perception of certain key concepts fundamental to the implementation of a transitional justice system in the country.

Study of chemical vapor deposition CVD grown transparent conducting oxides (TCO)

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In relation to samples 235 to 242 it was found out that the electrical properties and the optical properties tend to change as the ratio of tin to water and the number of passes changes. The mean transmission levels vary between 33.3% and 50.53% while the mean reflection levels vary between 2.36% and 6.34% with Sample 237 having the highest transmission.


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It uses different means to get the final result by integrating various techniques. Research intended towards the increase of facts, the primary plan being a superior information or understanding of a topic under study. In this case study, it is necessary to consider the effectiveness and efficacy of rehabilitation in the context of women prisoners incarcerated for drug offences in the United States.

The difference in representation and performance in gender in the musical genre of the 1930's in contrast to that of the popul

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The 1930s era was deployed with the great depression and people were more diverted and focused on individual benefits rather than social fulfillments. This was also a pre effect of the world war and all the factors that were leading to it. However, the 1970s era was also considered as the Golden Age for the musicals and was thrived with bold and fresh energy in the movies.

Death and Dying, Rituals and Afterlife, Beliefs of the Ancient Greeks

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In every culture there exists some special attention allocated to death and beliefs associated with death. One of the earliest activities of man deals with death, the taboos linked to death and the last respects given to those who have died. The superstitions surrounding the Greek beliefs of the dead is quite an interesting issue to discuss for they were strongly religious and they designed certain concepts about human soul, afterlife and the taboos associated with death (Robben 34-46).

A Report on Women's Suffrage Exhibition, London, 2010

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The internationally well-known specialist library has extensive collections of books and various artefacts in its archives and museum, on the lives of women in Britain. The material related to women’s suffrage includes posters, photographs, postcards, badges and other mementos reflecting women’s efforts to gain equality with men for the right to be voted towards full representation in the parliament.

The main characteristics of Turkish banking system and its response to recent global financial crisis.

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Moreover, the banking sector is not generating funds that can be injected into the real economy which can in turn improve the banking sector, its services and thus facilitate greater competition within the banks and among industries and private individuals.

Literature Review: End of Life, Hospital policies overview

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In Islam, bioethical decision-making is based on a framework of values derived from the interpretation of Islamic law that is intimately linked to the broad ethical teachings of the Qur’an and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad. Islam has the flexibility to respond to new biomedical advances and practices.

do present weaning methods contribute to the onset of stereotypical behaviours in horses

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The abnormal behaviour of a horse can affect its usefulness as a show or performance horse, if it tends to slip into these behaviours during competition. Strange behaviours can also lower its value as a breeding animal or for recreational use (King, 2006).

Is there evidence that Withania somnifera is effective in tumor suppression

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In addition, it is much more easier to purify active compounds and elucidate its structure rather than make a synthetic compound before determining whether it is active against the disease or not. As more natural products are tested for their biological activity, more have been discovered for their various action against inflammatory diseases, microorganisms, or reproductive problems, to name a few.

Routing Protocol Security OSPFv2

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Recognizing the OSPF as one of the most widely applicable Interior gateway protocol in most large enterprise network, the current work, delved into investigating the security measures often associated with the application of the use of OSPF v2 Routing protocol.

Managing waste products from dairy factories.

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Wastewater usually contains contaminants composed of chemicals and substances which pose a threat to the environment if not treated rightly. Treating wastewater reduces environmental impact. Moreover, after treatment, the wastewater can also be reused for various purposes, for instance, agricultural and industrial uses.

Develop Creative Listening and Linguistic Communication Skills of the Second Language Learners

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In addition to appreciatory, informational, evaluative and understanding listening, modern scholars have added creative listening in order to bring the listening behavior to higher thinking teaching-and-learning levels. The latest trend corrects misconceptions that all listening behavior is alike.

The linkage between corporate social responsibility and risk management to the banking industry: HSBC and Standard Chartered

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Although all firms face some market risk, it is possible to mitigate other risks including social and reputation risks by emphasising implementation of CSR initiatives. In the present day and age, global corporations are the subject of scrutiny for their policies and practices across the world.


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The America Liberians’ oppression of the indigenous population of Liberia is a very serious sin against humanity. The indigenous populations that were oppressed by the America Liberians at that time were mostly people that were innocent of any wrongdoing.

politics final year dissertation

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Findings of the study indicated that the interviewees were aware of how critical the issue on terrorism has become. The importance of understanding how terrorism works, its causes and outcomes, and the ways to effectively respond to it has been emphasized.

Organisational Change Management

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D2 is in the view to keep some experienced staff members while others are to be released of their duties. Along with this D2 has decided to focus on fewer parts and benefit from economies of scales. This news is yet to be released among its management and employees.

The public-private partnerships in healthcare services in middle income countries.

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Specifically, it seeks to: Compare the public and private health services and their impact on improved health outcomes among low and middle income countries. Health outcomes would refer to mortality and morbidity rates in the countries covered. Determine the impact of private-public partnerships on disease endemic issues (drugs and treatment options) in low and middle income countries.

Interest rate convergence / Covered or uncovered interest rate parity

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dollar. It has started in the United States (U.S.) and rapidly spread to Europe, United Kingdom (U.K.), Asia and other economies around the world in the late 2008 will have a broad impact, particularly in the short term (Peters, 2010, pp.1-2). It is having strong consequences through the bank lending channel such as the banks of U.K.

The long term effects of drug abuse on the unborn fetus of a pregnant mother

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Prenatal and neonatal development has been shown to be affected negatively due to drug abuse. It is no secret that drug abuse during pregnancy causes a host of physical and mental disabilities in children that persist with them throughout their lives. This paper aims to look into Axis II type problems caused by drug abuse by pregnant mothers in order to see how drug abuse affects the child’s long term development.

Barriers Impeding Technology Integration in Education

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Thus, there now exists a gap between abstracted theories and concrete realities of technological integration in classroom pedagogy. This research seeks to bridge that gap by having as its primary purpose identification and determination of barriers in the incorporation of technology in classroom pedagogy.

Triage protocol

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It is worth mentioning that the new protocol is developed with such sophistication that is demanding for fresher courses of the nurses and emergency officers who will be responsible for using it. The competency of the responsible officers will be validated through both the assessment and the quality of their judgements in relation to the need of some patients for using the system (Davies, 1994a).

Factors that Motive and Demotivate Young Males in the U.K. to Purchase Luxury Clothes Online

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The findings show that many young males are interested in strong brands and prefer to shop online. The main factors that motivate them to shop online include the need for convenience, lower prices, and comprehensiveness of the online shopping experience.

Why was Microsoft so dominant during the birth of the personal computing era and beyond?

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Why was Microsoft so dominant during the birth of the personal computing era and beyond? Student’s Name Student Number Course Name and Number Name of Professor Date of Submission Number of Words: 6,398 Executive Summary As part of exploring the question ‘Why was Microsoft so dominate during the birth of the personal computing era and beyond?

Consumers' Perceptions of Global and Local Brands in Developing Countries within Consumers' Goods Industry

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Sign Posting: 10 1.9. Summary: 11 Chapter 2: 13 2.0. Literature review 13 2.2. Globalisation 13 2.3. Role of global marketing strategies in developing global brands 16 2.4. Advancement in technology 17 2.5. Development of global brands 20 2.6. Influence of global brands on consumers’ purchasing decisions 21 2.8.

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