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Research Paper example - Hiring an Administrative Assistant to Teck Security Firm

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Research Paper
Creative Writing
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Teck Security Firm in Hampton County Insert Name Task Tutor Institution Date Letter of Transmittal Street Address: City, State Zip: December 12, 2011 Recipient Name: Hiring an Administrative Assistant at Teck Security Firm Teck Company, Hampton County Street Address: City, State Zip: Dear Prof…

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The report centers on the effects of job stress on the understaffed employees and the benefits of hiring an additional Administrative Assistant (AD) following the increased criminal actions in Hampton County as well as increased competition from other security firms in the region. Its purpose is to show the importance of hiring an additional administrative assistant to ease the job stress being experienced at Teck Security Firm. My conclusion on the issue was that Teck Security Company must hurry up the process of hiring an additional administrative assistant before the severe effects of job stress hit the understaffed AD personnel. My recommendation is was that the company must be careful in selection of the new AD because he has to be a professional who will undertake his work effectively. Therefore, I believe the appropriate action will be taken as soon as possible to prevent the severe effects. Sincerely, Signature Name: Your title at the institution. ...
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