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When it comes to research paper writing, lots of students feel uncomfortable and confused. And there is a reason for being at a loss with such complicated task. It involves much research, analysis, and time manageme...

Professional Research Paper Collection

When it comes to research paper writing, lots of students feel uncomfortable and confused. And there is a reason for being at a loss with such complicated task. It involves much research, analysis, and time management skills. In brief, producing the research paper is hardly possible without some qualified help.

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Are Children Smarter Because of the Internet
5 pages (1255 words) , Download 85
There is also variation in the extent to which children belonging to different areas are affected by the Internet since the use of the Internet is generally more common in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas
Marketing Research Paper
3 pages (753 words) , Download 14
The company has plans to lessen the greenhouse gas release in its new vehicles by the year 2020 to 30% in the United States as well as in Europe. At the conference that was held with the religious as well as the institutional investors, the Vice President of Ford Motor Group named Susan Cischke stated that the task of reducing the harmful gas seems to be quite difficult.
A proposal that will aid in meeting the low income-resident needs
3 pages (753 words) , Download 8
The study will address low-income county residents profile and issues they face during food procurement, the causes and impacts of food sufficiency and insufficiency and lastly best policy recommendations based on the two issues. The findings of the study proved that 6.1% of the household are at a risk of hunger.
Critical thinking
3 pages (753 words) , Download 7
Along with open-mindedness, a person also needs to think rationally in order to achieve the real essence of critical thinking. Rational thinking relies on hard proven facts instead of emotions. A person needs to rely on facts in order to take a suitable decision regarding any specific issue.
The Puerto Rico Judiciary: A Model State System
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 7
The Puerto Rico Judiciary: A Model State System The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico consists of Puerto Rico among other minor islands. It covers an approximate area of 13,780 square kilometers whereby 8,860 square kilometers is the mainland while approximately 4,900 is the area covered with water.
Child Obesity
3 pages (753 words) , Download 7
This medical condition puts an unpleasant impact on the confidence and efficiency levels of children who are fat as compared to other children of their age group. If we talk about the main causes of childhood obesity, we can say that two causes dominate all other factors.
Harvey Industries
3 pages (753 words) , Download 6
Their current system consists of stock replenishment orders that are made by the purchasing manager, stockroom foreman, or the manufacturing manager, whoever notices low inventory first. Replenishment of inventory orders is also placed whenever an employee or customer requires an item, which is not in stock.
1 pages (251 words) , Download 6
I think there is no great difference in whether, let’s say, ten people are killed by a maniac or by a terrorist. The only difference is in their reasoning – one kills for satisfying a mania, the other – in the name of an idea. The results, however, are the same – pain, fear and terror.
Deportation at Breakfast
3 pages (753 words) , Download 5
In this work the Larry Fondation short story ‘Deportation at Breakfast’ is described. Its main purpose is to define all of the characters and the settings of the story, and their connection. Enother its aim is to help you to gain a deeper understanding of ‘Deportation at Breakfast’.
Turnaround Plan for Toyota’s Quality Control Department
3 pages (753 words) , Download 4
The author analyzes the Delphi Method which should improve relationship development among colleagues, knowledge transfer, and open the doors for innovation by providing multitudes of solutions to improve quality in each director’s division. This will further emphasize cultural development and improve competitive advantage in human capital.
Proposed Puerto Rico Court System
7 pages (1757 words) , Download 5
The judiciary is also charged with the responsibility of interpreting laws that govern a state. It is the work of the judiciary to provide a just and fair mechanism through which wrongdoers can have their cases assessed and rulings made in accordance to the constitution.
The Concept of the Soul, by Plato
3 pages (753 words) , Download 5
d that not all the desires are part of the belief and therefore they had association with reason. All the part that form ones soul have certain desires within them, but when it comes to the appetitive or the spirited part of the soul then these desires are not merely constituted by belief or the decision making/ choices that is linked to good.
exciting recent archaeological find (within last 10 years)
3 pages (753 words) , Download 4
Sedgeford itself is located in a very flat landscape, which is dominated by Anglo-Saxon archaeology, featuring such famous figures as Boudicea, Queen of the Iceni (Moshenka, 2005). The Find The gold hoard at Sedgeford is one of only two in the United Kingdom to have been found preserved inside a piece of animal bone.
RIBA plan of work: Stages F,G,H, L,M
13 pages (3263 words) , Download 4
Both architectural design and construction is a multitasking job, and it is managed by a project manager, and supervised by a team consisting of design engineer, construction manger, construction engineer and project architect.
ADIDAS value chain analysis
2 pages (502 words) , Download 4
ADIDAS VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS Discussion The brand name of Adidas Group is a combination of the name of the founder and the company name, and is structured in three main divisions, which entail the Adidas sport performance, heritage, and sport style. For years, Adidas Group maintains its trademark as the major producer of sport products such as shoes, apparel and accessories globally.
Strategic Partner: Human Resource Management
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
The said department is considered being an administrative management in the past years; however, it has been said that the human resource management is more of a strategic partner rather than an administrative department nowadays. The human resource is said to be an “asset in an organization.” It is considered to pose a lasting relationship with the organization to work hand in hand in obtaining goals (“The Importance,” n.d.).
Frederick Wiseman and Michael Moore
5 pages (1255 words) , Download 4
Frederick Wiseman and Michael Moore. Even at a time when immense information exists on the internet, the last twenty years have seen a rise in the documentary genre. Though documentaries have been difficult to make, as well as fund, there has been an increase in the number of documentaries released.
Talent Management Practice Analysis of Lan Airlines Company
19 pages (4769 words) , Download 3
This research paper focuses mostly on LAN Airlines, that is one of the dominant passenger airlines in Latin America and is also prominently known for the cargo services in the same region. The researcher presents a talent management analysis inside the company to be successful in a hyper competitive and increasingly complex global economy.
Conflict Resolution
3 pages (753 words) , Download 4
The reason for this is, in conflict resolution process itself , the method to combat conflict is detailed. In general, conflicts can be of many types and the ways to deal with conflicts differ in various ways. However the process of dealing with conflicts is stated in the conflict solution method itself.
Darwin and Evolution
3 pages (753 words) , Download 4
Several theories have been ever since to understand the origin of man and concepts such as evolution and speciation. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection even though slightly debatable provides a firm insight into what might had been the basis of our existence.
Irene Rosenfeld - CEO of Kraft Foods Inc.
2 pages (502 words) , Download 4
Nearly 40 of its brands are as old as a century. It is an independent public company which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its annual revenues are around US$49.207 billion, as 2010 figures depict.
Steroids. Anitbiotics. Sprays. Are food manufacturers killing us?
2 pages (502 words) , Download 2
The purpose of incorporating the substances is to increase the competitive advantage of the products over their enemies. However, the substances when consumed by human being ultimately pose serious health effects including death in the end.
How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Nationally?
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 3
How has forensic science impacted anti-terrorism internationally or nationally? Student Name Course Name TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Current Challenges 4 Best Practices 5 Resources 6 Applicable Technology 8 Research and Evaluation Needs 9 Homeland Securities 11 References 13 Introduction The word of crime and the area of technology have come together to make this world a place of complexity.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in the treatment of phobias - why is it the most effective method?
10 pages (2510 words) , Download 3
The author of the study has endeavoured to establish that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for both Class I and Class II phobias with the application of theoretical evidence. The paper concludes by highlighting the features due to which CBT is considered the most effective method in the treatment of Phobic Neurosis.
drug abuse
12 pages (3012 words) , Download 3
I. Understanding of the problem A . Studies proved that drug users start young. 1 .Drug Abuse in America reported 15.9 million youth users 2. The USDA confirms that youth starts to use drugs at age 15 3. Galigher, Paul that drug use is also prevalent in adults and problem of drug addiction cannot be solved.
Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji
11 pages (2761 words) , Download 3
An analysis of Fiji country and its operation of tourism industry is important to understand how this socio-psychological motivators work in that environment. Since tourist requires places to stay some of the best and important facilities have been provided by Fiji country even though tourism remains a private sector industry.
Corporate Communications Strategies
11 pages (2761 words) , Download 2
The increased interest of both scholars and academicians to the significance of effective corporate communication strategies within an organization: communication strategies which enhance the corporate strategy of an organization, has increased a focus on what kind of corporate communication strategies organizations use to communicate to its diverse stakeholders with different needs and expectations (Gupta, 2011).
Applications of Linear Algebra to Electrical Engineering
5 pages (1255 words) , Download 3
Premium quality
Engineering is heavily influenced by the mathematics. Engineering problems can be solved by utilizing the principles of mathematics. Calculus, algebra, etc are the branches, which are utilized in the Engineering problems. We can say that the practical application of the mathematics can be truly seen in the engineering problems.
A history of ultrasound physics and the properties of the transducer
5 pages (1255 words) , Download 3
Transducers act as both a transmitter and a receiver of ultrasound and are capable of producing beams that are in turn directed in a variety of ways of improving the quality of the images that are seen on the screen. The main component of the transducer is made from a special piezoelectric material, which implies that they are capable of converting one form of energy to another; for instance, electrical energy can be converted to mechanical energy and vice-versa.
Coca Cola
4 pages (1004 words) , Download 2
The Coca-Cola Case Study Table of Contents Introduction 3 Question 1 3 Question 2 4 Question 3 5 Question 4 6 Question 5 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 9 Introduction The Coca-Cola Company is one of the oldest manufacturers and sellers of soft drink beverages mainly include the cola drinks.
The career of Mozart Wolfgang
8 pages (2008 words) , Download 3
The ability of Mozart to use various techniques and instruments for adding orchestral effects to his works has helped Mozart to emerge as one of the most successful musician who owns over 600 musical works under his name.
Video Gaming Addicition
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 3
In this era of technology and entertainment, many are concerned with the impact of video game addiction. What begins with an interest towards the game soon develops into an addiction whereby the gamer is unable to participate normally in other activities of his life.
Group Influence
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
Introduction The observed group was gathered in a social hall. The patron and officials sat at the front row while the speaker took to the podium. The group comprised of about thirty African women aged between 30 and 40 and living with HIV/AIDS. The meeting was organized by a social support group funded by international non-governmental organizations to educate these women on living positively with HIV/AIDS.
San Francisco Climate Classification
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
This is a climate type that is in the polar face region in winter, and hence has moderate temperatures and variable, rainy weather.
Enhancing the Ability to Think Strategically
2 pages (502 words) , Download 3
The central research problem of the Casey and Goldman’s (2011) article, Enhancing the ability to think strategically: A learning model was on the importance of strategic thinking in enhancing organizational performance. Their article highlights the existence of minimal literature on the development of ability to think strategically among individuals.
Community service
2 pages (502 words) , Download 3
When undertaken on a voluntary basis i.e. out of one’s accord, it is mostly done to assist the disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community. The foundation of community service lies on the virtue of charity and importance of having a work ethic.
Bible Exegetical Paper on Luke 3:21-22
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 3
Baptism in the Jews culture was considered the most important form of cleansing sin, and Jesus had to also go through this rite despite the fact that he was sinless. Baptism was a Jewish practice that meant having a right standing with God.
Hearsay and exemptions to hearsay
13 pages (3263 words) , Download 3
In general, it represents the evidences which are acquired usually through second-hand sources (The Cochran Firm, n.d.). The conception of preliminary hearing is principally described as a critical phase in legal proceedings, especially concerned to a criminal case.
Psychology Journal Article Review
3 pages (753 words) , Download 2
The researchers of this article explored the connection between positive emotions affecting trait resistance as far as dealing with the widowing of a spouse and as a result of martial satisfaction during the course of the marriage. In context of martial satisfaction, both extremes have been noted in research.
Public relations
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
Professionals normally work in the background with research on public opinion, courting of journalists, and sending press releases (Gregory 2).This is done to position their employers as ethical, concerned, and positive role models. I recently talked to Tatiana Soprano,the PR manager at Ritz Carlton in Biscayne, Florida.
International Finance International Investing Project
3 pages (753 words) , Download 2
You will be asked to create a stock portfolio of at least two U.S.-based multinational corporations (MNCs) and two foreign stocks. You will monitor the performance of your portfolio over the school term and ultimately will attempt to explain why your portfolio performed well or poorly relative to the portfolios created by other students in your class.
Characteristics of a Learning Organization
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 3
In addition, organizations that can be said be centers of learning must be able to change their mid sets whenever they find out that they cannot achieve any objective in the present as well as in the future. However, several learning organizations often dispute facts and certain truths.
The US Trade Deficit
3 pages (753 words) , Download 2
This was an increment of approximately 4.6 billion dollars from October the same year. The value of the US trade deficit is positive when the total services and goods imported by the US exceed the total services and goods it exports. This trade deficit on the part of the US has a huge significance o the country’s economy, as the nation is among the most significant countries that engage in international trade.
15 pages (3765 words) , Download 3
Even as the presence of cyberbullies and their operations remain largely covert, the effects of cyberbullying are far-reaching and devastating on the person of the cyberbullying victim. The implication of the act is based on the fact that it is injurious in nature, in that it contravenes the rights, freedoms and wellbeing of the targeted individual.
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
Consequently, the role of individual coaching is provide strategic skills and knowledge by placing the coach and the client in a unique situation in which the coach learns the needs of the client first hand to tailor the process of instruction. The strategies found in individual coaching entail knowing the needs of the client, which is almost similar to counseling, and setting goals and expectations of the client is done by the client with the help of the coach.
Gun violence
9 pages (2259 words) , Download 3
Modern life styles such as same sex marriage, abortion, mercy killing, lesbianism, Gaysim etc are getting popularity in America now. Even drug use or marijuana use is getting legal protection in many American states now. Along with these, another major liberty or freedom, enjoyed by American people is the legal protection for the possession of guns.
Electric Cars.
6 pages (1506 words) , Download 2
In the current age individuals are becoming conscious about eco-friendly products. The amount of pollution is soaring with the improving transport and communication facilities. Almost 50% individuals around the world are owners of cars.
compare and contrast intelligence processes
6 pages (1506 words) , Download 3
This provides such outfits access to information about criminal activities or infiltration and other such vital aspects so as to enable them to respond to the given situations appropriately and adequately. All these entities are engaged in the vital task of internal as well as external security, which are of crucial significance to the country in ensuring the safety and well being of their citizens.
Linear Equations
3 pages (753 words) , Download 3
Linear equation, an important concept in algebra was invented by Rane Descartes. Descartes was born in 1596 in France. He studied mathematics from the book of Culvius. Linear algebra was followed by the development of determinants in 1693 and Cramer presented his theory to solve systems of linear equations in 1750.
Drug Addiction & Teenagers
14 pages (3514 words) , Download 3
Drug addiction is a major social issue facing teenagers, and it occurs when one experiences a compulsive drive to take a drug despite the serious adverse effects of the drug.
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