Dating in the Workplace is not Ethical

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[Your full name] [Instructor’s name] [Course name and code] October 11, 2011 Dating in the Workplace is not Ethical Abstract This position paper tends to argue that dating at workplace is not ethical. First of all, an introduction is given about workplace dating.


The reason being that “he had an affair with a female employee” which was not in agreement with the company’s Code of Conduct. The practice of dating happens much often in the workplace setting. People meet each other and get interested in each others’ lives and hobbies, and finally develop relationships. Workplaces are the offline social networks as opposed to the online social networks. Men and women get into contact and start seeing each other. Workplace happens to be a convenient place to go find a suitable person because an employee might not have extra time to spend somewhere else looking for one. However, working in a company does not necessarily mean that one is going to find his soul mate; instead, one is supposed to work toward the establishment of organizational goals and must not jump into relationships because honesty is rare. “Don’t dip your pen in the company ink!”, is an old saying Gardner quotes in his article. Experts advise employees not to date because there are many ethical issues related to it. There are cons of workplace dating that outweigh the pros. But the bitter reality is that employees will not stop dating each other. Let us now discuss the ethical considerations that come with the issue of workplace dating. Ethical Considerations Dr. ...
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