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Measuring Information Technology Value Name Instructor Course Date Introduction There are complete ways in which organizations can measure and view business value in relation to any form of IT initiative or system. In order for an organization to create business value it has to consider worth created within the internal IT, business procedure with consumer levels.


Another possible way is to distinguish the initiative expected from the priority to the business. The payoff has to provide a value that drives the success of the business. There are numerous systems with the capability to generate value, but to make a decision on the most significant measure is essential for alignment with the policies of the business. Metrics that measure the effectiveness of Information System and Information Technology In the business industry, there is always incorporation of numbers, which affirms that the information technology has to be part of the equation. Research confirms that the metrics applied to compute the value of IT resources with the investments in an organization alter as CIOs exceed classic return-on-investment and total-cost-of-ownership formulas(Zee, 2009). The reason why these CIOs exceeds the two imperative formulas is to prioritize investments within their organizations. A good number of Information technology and business managers seem to have discovered novel metrics that they can apply to measure the effectiveness of both IS and IT in an organization. There were claims that to conduct effective measures, the managers gut their entire metrics look through the placement of IP-based system services supplier to the side. ...
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