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Nanotechnology [Student name] [Name of Instructor] [Course title] [Date] Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is one of the advanced science frontiers. The study of minute devices and materials is known as nanoparticles. The word nano comes from Greek word meaning “Dwarf.” A “Nano” meter scale is one billion of a meter; very tiny things such as atoms and molecules are measured by nanometre scale.


This implies that there has been a rapid growth in its use and these applications include self-replicating nanostructures, aerospace application, and biological manipulation. This technology significantly contributes to treat deadly diseases with the help of biochemical applications. Nanotechnology is the largest source of scientific development through which lives can be improved (Whatmore 2012). Nanotechnology produces, applies, and reconstructs nanometre devices by controlling and reshaping the design of devices on small scale. Nanotechnology can be understood as the scientific functional system of atoms and molecules at macro level, this technology is useful for making high quality performance products (Whatmore 2012). Application of Nanotechnology in Numerous Ways a. Nanotechnology and Transplant of Human Organs With the advancement in the field of nanotechnology, it has been noticed that even the human organs can be regenerated with the application of technology of nano-thin sheets. The regeneration of the human organs is done by layering the thin sheets of tissues which are specifically created with the help of nano-order thin sheets. ...
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