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Prototype interface design Name: Institution affiliation: Lecturer: Date: Abstract Although different web browser have been standardized such that the user can access information on different platforms on the web, it has not been the case for some phones like unbranded small format keyfob phone.


The paper gives the details of a web browsing interface that will improve and enhance user’s web browsing in three dimensions; through automatically generating a mobile site for browsing, utilization of orientation sensor information to detect text to speech and natural interaction and offering a speech interface to simplify navigation and support iterative task’s dialog programming. The nature of the interface that a cell phone has can be an issue when the user finds it difficult and cannot accomplish a task effectively. User interface design refers to designing of the mobile phone interface with the primary focus on ht user’s interaction and experience. The primary objective of designing a user interface is to come up with the interface that will ensure that the user interact with the device with a lot of simplicity and efficiency in regards to accomplishing a task. Designing a good interface entails ensuring that the interface enables the user to finish the task at hand without any ambiguity. Introduction According to Pew (2010), more that 80% of UK adult citizens has a mobile phone. More than 30 percent of these uses their mobile phones to access and browse the internet. ...
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