Possibility of developing voice recognition system in an aircraft

Possibility of developing voice recognition system in an aircraft Research Paper example
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Possibility of developing a voice recognition system in an aircraft Author Institution Course Date This paper seeks to research whether is it’s possible to come up with a voice recognition technology for use in aircrafts that are to be flown by disabled people.


But with an increase in air traffic, thanks to the continued technological innovation in the world today, new methods of communication in aircrafts have been devised in order to curb increased traffic along with the errors that occurred with voice radio and the need to incorporate even the disabled into the profession of piloting (Adams, 2009). Able Flight is a non-profit organization, which offers scholarships to people who have desire to training in the aviation industry. This organization works in conjunction with institutions that offers pilot training. Since it is non-profit, Able flight thrives on the generous donations of well wishers, corporate sponsorships and funding from the foundation. The IRS principles and policies are the ones that govern this organization. Its objective is, to help the handicapped and disabled to get the attitude and knowledge and ability to fly a plane. This is because the disabled need distinct solutions in aircrafts that will help them become pilots just like others. An instance would be the use of voice recognition systems in aircraft. This would ensure that the hands of the pilot are not need in order to communicate with air traffic controllers. Important to note is that, the Able flight program does not only assist the disabled but also looks to help those who are normal and have a passion to fly planes along with the interest but then lack the ability. ...
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