Medical device that uses electrical stimulation: Defibrilator

Medical device that uses electrical stimulation: Defibrilator Essay example
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Name: Course: Date: Medical device that uses electrical stimulation: Defibrillator A Defibrillator refers to an electronic device that is applied to address the fibrillation heart problem, through delivering a therapeutic dose of a brief electric shock, to the areas of the heart that is affected by the problem (Hayes, Fallon & Noble, 2002 p757).


Nevertheless, the heart problems are so diverse, that they cannot be categorized into a single disease. The same applies for their causes, with many cardiovascular problems being associated with different causative agents. However, Ventricular fibrillation refers to a heart condition where the cardiac muscles of the ventricles in the heart experiences uncoordinated contractions, which pose a fatal medical emergency, that must be addressed within seconds, lest the condition degenerates into carcinogenic shock (Paradis, 2007 p500). This degeneration may in turn affect the blood circulation into the heart by causing a cessation of effective blood flow into the heart muscles, which may result to cardiac death (American Association of Cardiovascular, 2004 p202). It is this condition of the heart that caused two physiologists from the University of Geneva, Prevost and Batelli, to carry out experimentation on Ventricular fibrillation with a dog, which indicated that small shocks would induce Ventricular fibrillation in dogs, and the application of higher charges of the shocks would reverse the condition (Pacifico, 2002 p21). ...
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