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Boeing 727 Name: Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: University: Boeing 727 The T-tail shaped jet airliner Boeing 727, a moderate size, narrowly bodied, three engines manufactured by Boeing. Initially, it was built for smaller airports. Later on, its updated versions came into being for major airports, whose brand names were 727-100 and 727-200.


The company stopped its manufacturing in the year 1984 after the introduction of more sophisticated aircrafts. The total aircrafts so far produced were around 1832. The record sales of Boeing 727 jet airliner had broken all previous records of commercial sales (Connors, 2010). Boeing 727 had the privilege to become the best selling airline in the history of aviation. Although Boeing 737 has crossed the sales ever recorded, but Boeing 727 holds a permanent place in the history of aviation as one of the most significant airplanes whose role in the development of Global Transportation System is unforgettable (Connors, 2010). Apart from domestic medium range flights, Boeing 727 created a niche the world over and fame amongst the international passenger airliners. The range of flights, the airliner could cover with additional third engine meant that Boeing 727 proved efficient service concerning short and medium range international flights in many areas around the globe. Prior to its operations, four engine jet airliners were required for crossing the oceans (Connors, 2010). One can gauge its performance capabilities with the factor that 727 were used as cargo airlines and charter airlines with famous service providers thus found a secondary market. ...
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