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Online learning courses are continuously increasing in the form of distance learning programs. (Allan & Seaman, 2007) Faculty and administration are constantly struggling to improve the infrastructure for online learning systems. (Berge & Huang, 2004) A conceptual model is necessary to delineate guidelines that could help to bridge the gaps that affect online learning.


Students can be engaged in five opportunity areas within these four categories to enhance the effectiveness of e-learning. The primary method of communication between students and faculty would be the course website. The students will be encouraged to visit the website everyday to take note of any new announcements, instructions, posts for material to be discussed as well as other notices. Before the commencement of the course the instructor would post his or her introduction and would encourage individual students to post their introductions. This would also signal the beginning of social interaction among faculty and students. The students would also be encourages to seek out relevant information to complete tasks and assignments through the use of online as well as physical resources. Tutorials will be provided that detail every step of information gathering to facilitate students as students with differing IT skills can be expected to take the course. A set of qualitative learning outcomes will be used to assess the performance of the students. Given that the course is concerned with design and technology, the outcomes would be: The content matter of the course would have to be as interesting as possible in order to engage the learners’ interest and attention continuously. ...
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