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Digital Forensics/Electronic Evidence

Child pornography destroys the minds of children and at times, it bullies them. Therefore, curbing the problem in time will assist to end this type of computer crime. Theft of personal information is another form of digital crime covered under digital forensic. The majority of the internet and computer users have complained about the increased rate of digital crime where money and other crucial information stolen. Damage of intellectual property is also another type of digital crime. In the scene of crime things like those that encrypted files will be retrieved, deletion of significant files and at times tools can also be retrieved at the crime scene. Improper handlings of electronic evidence can jeopardize with a criminal case adversely. Digital evidence is a new piece of evidence in the court system. Therefore, measures have to be taken to ensure evidence collected through electronic means is well handled and not interfered with to ensure the criminal is proven guilty. ...
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Digital forensic involves the concept of retrieving information from computer media. Advancement in technology has made it possible for digital forensic to develop and investigators have found an easier way to capture computer criminals. …
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