demand managment and energy storage

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Load Management Techniques Introduction: Power companies are poised to supply reliable, secure and good quality power at consumers’ demand at any time. The supply of electricity power depends largely on demand for these products and power services. An appropriate supply of this energy resource is very much important in human lives.


Hence, the load curve varies considerably across time points. That is why the peak curve looks like the following: Figure: Demand for electricity power at different points of time There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of the increasing use of the power source. Electricity is used as the main source of power energy while use of this energy is increasing the carbon and sulphuric dioxide (CO2 & SO2) around the world. Summary: The author has argued that the electricity power is the most important utility service provided to mankind. It has been helping mankind to shape and contribute towards the processes of progress and developments of human lives since a long time. But over the past centuries the demand for electricity power has been raised to a great extent as well. Hence, the need for load management has been necessary for companies which supply electric services. The paper brings to light various load management techniques from both sides: demand side and supply side and thus to sustainability meet the growing demand for electricity services. ...
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