Displaying Communications Between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in Digital Readouts - Research Paper Example

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Displaying Communications Between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in Digital Readouts

The ultimate objective of Able Flight program is to assist the disabled or handicapped individuals to acquire the aptitude to fly an airplane. This is because different types of disabilities needs distinct solutions to assist them fly airplanes. Note that despite the fact that the program fundamentally helps the disabled people, it also assists normal people who have passion and interest of flying airplanes but do not have the ability. The ultimate aim of this context is to examine how Able Flight program helps the disabled individuals to fly airplanes as well as to provide solutions following the difficulties encountered in flight training. It winds up by examining the implementation process of a voice recognition technology in pilot’s communication (Karat, Vergo and Nahamoo 2007). How Able Flight Helps Disabled People to Fly Airplanes Just as mentioned, the Able Flight program does not offer flight training or classes. However, it is involved in teaching flight related life lessons that make the participants good pilots and flight attendants. The organization corporate with different flight schools among them being Purdue University campus. Able Flight has been associating with this university for two years in a row where it has brought four scholars to the campus to be educated on how to fly. Each of them has physical disability that, up to present day, has prevented them from undertaking an interest or career in aviation. ...
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Displaying Communications between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers in Digital Readouts Insert Tutor Institution Date Able Flight Able Flight refers to a nonprofit scholarship organization, which works with flight institutions that issue the training…
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