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Student Name XXXXX Student No. XXXXX TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES TRANSPORTATIONS Professor: XYZ 23 April, 2012 Technology Improves Transportations Transportation is one of the most crucial and basic ingredient of all the field of life especially of international trade e.g.


Due to this reason, users consult reliable companies which utilize the latest modes of transportation and technologies for efficient delivery. The use of latest technologies has introduced new trends in transportation industry and put certain direct implications on different actors associated with this field ( These actors include infrastructure (e.g. roads, highways, bridges, railways, subways, tramways, airports, seaports etc), modes of transportation (e.g. buses, cars, rails, trams, planes, freights etc), and functions pertaining to of transportation industry. Since users keep themselves continuously engage with new innovative services in all facets of life, therefore, by focusing on transportation industry, this paper describes the development of modern technologies and their ultimate impact on the improvement of different aspects of transportation. Improvements in Infrastructure Transportation industry is highly dependent on strong infrastructure for its smooth and speedy execution of functions. ...
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