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I have chosen Cranfield University to do MSc in Global Product Development and Management. I have done my graduation in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of East London in 1999.


Now, I want to pursue a higher degree in the field of Global Product Development and Management to gain an in-depth understanding of all issues and concepts related to this field. My educational background has played a vital role in building my interest in pursuing a higher degree in this field. I want to become a successful manager with a good knowledge of global manufacturing and engineering design, and that can be possible if I study under the guidance of highly qualified professors of Cranfield University. Studying under the guidance of highly qualified teachers of Cranfield University would allow me to grow intellectually in a proper manner. I want to be skilled in managing product engineering and development considering internal and external business environments and market conditions. I possess almost all qualities of a successful manager, such as, creativity, intelligence, visionary outlook, assertiveness, integrity, openness, and effective communication skills. With my focused mind and properly planned ideas, I think my academic interest and passion would help me get admission in the MSc program being offered by the Cranfield University. Some of my core academic strengths and abilities include: In-depth understanding of different concepts of global product engineering and development Excellent interpersonal communication skills, and Passion to develop new products which can create their place in international markets. ...
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