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Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Technology in Intelligent Buildings & Engineering

In Intelligent Buildings & Engineering, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Technology is primarily being used to provide an effective means of monitoring and analysis of various real-time data that can help enhance the operational efficiency and reduce costs and energy expenses of smart buildings thereby making them to be more comfortable, safe, and healthy as well as enhance the productivity of the occupants. Unlike multispectral imaging which normally deals with numerous images at discrete, narrow bands, Hyperspectral remote sensing is primarily based on narrow spectral bands produced over a continuous spectral range. This is critically important as it makes the images more detailed. One of the areas of intelligent building and engineering where hyoerspectral remote sensing imaging can be used is to make buildings safer and more comfortable by providing reliable geological and rock information, seismic and environmental data regarding the construction sites prior to the commencement of the construction of the buildings. Generally, this is critically important in helping choose the appropriate building and engineering project designs as well as materials that best fit a particular geographical area. ...
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Hyperspectral remote sensing is one of the emerging technologies with a wide range of applications in a diverse number of fields including the intelligent buildings and engineering in recent years. The technology particularly involves collecting and processing of information or images across narrow electromagnetic spectrum using remote sensors such as cameras…
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