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Emerging Technologies: Nanotechnology Name: Institution: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: NANOTECHNOLOGY Nanotechnology is the engineering of systems that function at a molecular scale (Suri, 2012). This definition covers the work currently underway and advanced concepts.


At the same time, technology was coming up with the ability to create simple structures at a molecular level. As the concept of nanotechnology became more acceptable, the word’s meaning shifted to include the much simpler nano-meter scale kinds of technology. Richard Feynman envisioned the theoretical capability of nanotechnology in the 1950s, when he talked about building billions of tiny factories that manufactured simultaneously by maneuvering objects atom by atom. Based on this vision, advanced nanotechnology aims to use mechanochemistry via guidance using molecular systems of machines. Shortly after molecular machinery as envisioned comes into play, it is expected that a manufacturing revolution will ensue. What need does nanotechnology address? The quality of all man-made products is dependent on the atomic arrangement of the product’s components. The cost of these products is also dependent on the process used to produce them, and ease of getting molecules and atoms to link up as we want them (Wilson, 2010). The energy used to create products, and the pollution it emits is also dependent upon the methods used to place, as well as connects the molecules to give out the desired product. Nanotechnology’s goal is to improve the amount of control, over the building process of products, to ensure they are of high quality and do not cause destructive environmental impact. ...
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