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Name Institution Course Date Does the Internet Bring People Closer Together? It is with no doubt that, internet usage is growing very first all over the world despite being in existence only three decades. Tari and Corsaro reveal that over 1.6 billion people are currently using the Internet either for entertainment or as a source of information (420).


The research question in this case is that: Does the Internet bring people closer together? The debate over whether the internet brings people closer together or not has been of interest since it attempts to unearth why there are a growing number of social networking sites and users all over the work. As a matter of fact, the last few years have seen a significant growth in the number of social networking cites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and Badoo, just to name but a few. Facebook users lead the pack, spending over 10.5 billion minutes on the site daily (Consalvo and Ess 55). Research also reveals that over a billion people are currently connected to the Internet either via computer and mobile phones, among other gargets. A majority of the Internet users argue that the Internet has brought them closer to other people according to Internet Communication (Par.4) Some argue that, without the Internet, they would not be able to connect with their friends and families who are spread all over the world. Those who agree that the internet has brought them closer to other people claim that social networking has enabled them to make friends and communicate with individuals whom otherwise they would not be able to meet without the Internet (Consalvo and Ess 56). ...
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