Database Design Process Project (Preparation)

Database Design Process Project (Preparation) Essay example
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Use of Microsoft Visio in the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization The Microsoft Visio is one of the easy to use tools used for creating diverse diagrams and drawing used for different purposes. The Microsoft Visio provides the functionalities to create the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) in designing a database.


Moreover, it offers specific built-in templates that facilitate the users to choose well suited ERD template according to the needs and requirements of the projects. Once a template has been selected by the user, the shapes (entities, relationships, category, etc.) can be drawn by just pick and drop method. The entity represents a table of a database and the relationship shape represents the relation between two tables which can be one to one, one to many, etc. After dragging an entity to the drawing board, the user can add an entity / table name, diverse columns and their names according to the requirements of the table, the data types of the created columns, selection of primary key, check / tick if a particular column must have a value and the column referred to as the foreign key (if any). In this way, the user can add several entities / tables as per the requirements of the database design under development. After adding all the entities to the drawing board, the user can add relationships between the entities by relating the primary key with foreign key and this can be done by dragging the particular shapes. Moreover, the MS Visio provides the functionalities to add triggers, indexes and notes on entities and their relationships. ...
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