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Building a 4g Network Name: Institution: Building a 4g Network Technology Selection In the design of a 4G Wireless connection infrastructure, this project makes use of a Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). We thus emphasize more on ways of expanding a wider coverage and utilization.


It is expected at the same time to deliver an increase of approximately eighty two percent of high-speed network connectivity, and a 19 percent increment of subscriptions of mobile platform. From the inspiration by Gardner (2009), this technology also aims at minimizing the operational cost of the connection deal that has been won, and to enjoy the fact that there is no barrier in the use of laws, technology and language, political limitations and rules which have to be of major emphasis to the organization. From the earlier studies, it had been revealed that the internet connection can be used to establish more advanced data communications. Empirically, the network is ideal since it can revive the falling position of the company. Considering the cost factors, there are massive plans to invest a lot of funds into the up-and-coming 4G connection and high standard Long Term Evolution (LTE). The advanced TDMA technology will not only be a source of revenue for the USA business, but will also raise a lot of interest in practical areas that can be applied to the construction and implementation of the 4G network as an upgrade from the previous versions, 3G. The installation of this 4G network will focus on popularizing its use in the US. ...
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