Phase-Array Radar and Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR).

Phase-Array Radar and Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR). Research Paper example
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Phase-Array Radar and Synthetic-Aperture Radar Name University Name Phase-Array Radar: Phased array radar represents a directive antenna that is either formed of individual radiation antennas, or formed by constituents that generate such form of radiation, the nature and route of which are obtained by the relative stages and amplitudes of the currents reflected at the particular components.


The use of phased array can be made in radar applications for airborne fighter or attack radar applications. This is particularly possible through phased array radar that can be electronically steered (Skolnik, 2003, p.649). The concept behind phased array radar is that it makes use of the signal phases through its electronic controls. The phases are obtained at specific components of the array leading to generation of constructive interference in a path that is preferred for the positioning of the beams. Mechanical activities are not required in the process. Depending on each individual pulse, the radar beam can be steered, the time interval of such steering generally being 0.001s. The steering can be obtained in any desirable direction and in different angles. The flexibility of the beam steering is unlike other mechanical radars thus making the phased array radars unique and different from others. The stress generated on the pedestals, motors, and other parts of the radar can be reduced through methodical scanning of the radars following an uninterrupted model (Committee on the Evaluation of the Multifunction Phased Array Radar Planning Process, 2008, p.19). ...
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