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Alibaba Group Case Study

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The paper focuses on rapid development of Alibaba Group in the online marketplace of China. Over the years, Alibaba Group has successfully developed corporate advantage over other competitors and has made a strong position in e-commerce market. It has been observed that there is high level of competition for Alibaba Group in the market.

E-Commerce: A Shopping Cart and its Benefits.

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E-Commerce: A Shopping Cart and its Benefits. The World Wide Web (Internet) has encroached upon the lives of people in many ways. Today, people go shopping, social networking, banking, researching, communicating and doing so many things on-line it is almost impossible to think a life without computers.

ERP Implementation for Production Planning at ECakes Questions/Answers per the case attached

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This type of production occurs only after demand is confirmed and therefore the company can go ahead and manufacture a product that has immediate market(Portougal 1-9). Make to stock (MTS) is the direct opposite of the MTO such that a company manufactures good to be stocked depending on demand forecasts.

Actions Taken by Brad Boston Since 2001 in Centralizing Cisco’s IT planning and Strategies and their Impact on Cisco’s Performance.

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When Boston joined Cisco, he was forced to survey the organization in order to identify organization process and activities that required changes and fine-tuning (Kharif). Boston assessment of the IT environment of the organization led him to initiate a number of actions that would see the organization transit from its long time decentralized IT environment to a centralized planning and financing environment.

Examples of e-Procurement applications and tools

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Examples of e-Procurement applications and tools The advancement of communication technologies such as intranet, extranet, Electronic Data Interchange, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) has propelled companies into coordinating their purchasing, production, and distribution activities via the internet.

Implementation Plan for E-marketing (Kempinski Hotels).

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Kempinski Hotels is a group of luxury hotels that now owns and also runs an international portfolio of more than 60 hotels, with a further 43 either under construction or under the final development. The hotels are built in different parts of the world, which includes the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

E-Business and Value Chains

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The environment of transforming businesses is complex and maximizing on value of shareholder requires organizations to master wide improvements across the entire enterprise including its trading partners. Maximizing the value of chains requires organizations to master combining internal and supplier competences in order to meet market demand in every part of the globe (Gale, 2005:55).

Internet TV

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Action Plan for NBC NBC is a popular television network in the United States of America. The company started with radio broad casting network and has rapidly changes over the decades due to shift in demand or customer preference over media. The organization should position itself for the transition from traditional TV to internet TV model since the viewers all over the world rely on the internet more than TV.

Case Study: E-Business At Sephora

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This paper examines the Sephora’s e-business model and in particular its website and other elements associated with the B2C collaborations.


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Therefore, without actual exchange of value then such transaction is considered as an e- business and not electronic commerce (Satterlee, 2001). Just like any other business enterprise, the government owns a role of interest in e-commerce, not as stakeholders but as partisan to ensure that the necessary levy are paid besides enhancing fair, smooth competitiveness across all the business boundaries.

E-Commerce business model

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This report presents an analysis of an e-commerce business. In this report I have chosen an online business known as GAP enterprise. This firm uses its web based platform to sell high quality dresses and fashion accessories to a wide variety of customers.


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An example of a business which has developed a strong presence with online commerce and marketing is Loving Outdoors. This particular company is renowned for different associations which it has to marketing while creating different opportunities for online commerce.

Investigating the Role of Dynamic Reputation Ranking System on Loyalty Gap and Customer Lock on: B2B E-Marketplace Perspective

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B2B E-Marketplace and Existing Models IV. Proposed Service Innovation and Dynamic Reputation Model V. Limitations VI. Conclusion References Abstract Along with the rapid adoption of Internet and e-commerce, Scam, fraud and loyalty gap on the B2B e-marketplace are frequently reported Internet crime.

Topic is a case study of the hacking of Sony Playstation that occurred in April 2011.

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The hackers had revealed a fault within the encryption structure, procuring the public key required to operate whichever software on the machineries. This infringement was significant one, with 78 million customers put at danger of sham activity through credit cards.

Evaluating the Perceptions on the Yesser E-government Program of Saudi Arabia: Am Empirical Study

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However, government employees garnered signicantly higher ratings. E-government in the context of Saudi Arabia is perceived as effective in reforming and improving on the operations of government agencies in the country. In this regard, such programmes rely heavily on ICT in their goal of serving citizens and furthering government operations when it comes to e-commerce, e-management and e-democracy.

An Analysis of Amazon E-commerce Business

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In the past few years, the field of information technology has experienced an incredible speed of growth. Additionally, these advancements and developments in information technology have brought a lot of changes in the ways people understand, think and carry out tasks in the 21st century.

Business Website and Children Clothing

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Therefore, this paper seeks to evaluate the major steps involved in starting and running a successful e-business website that specializes in selling baby/kids/children clothes. The paper is divided into eight sections and each section clearly states the elements involved at that stage in starting a business.

E-commerce. Social Networking Sites

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Facebook With 750 million active users (USA Today 2011), Facebook is undoubtedly the current market leader in the field of social networking sites. Established by former Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004 as The Facebook, the site changed its name to Facebook in August 2005 and soon established itself as a major player in a field that was being led by Orkut and MySpace (Mashable, n.d), attracting users with its exclusivity and clean-interface.

Individual project involving the evaluation of a website

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These transactional websites are capable of managing and handling huge numbers of customers’ orders and processing transactions simultaneously. In order to demonstrate the e-Commerce operations, the report is divided into seven main parts including the description of a selected transactional website, the purpose / objective of the transactional website, evaluation of the website by utilizing the Webqual 2.0 (as described in Barnes & Vidgen [2001]) and in terms of accessibility, recommendations based on the findings in the evaluation, ranking the Amit and Zott forces in order of importance, recommendations based on the Amit and Zott analysis and the last part of the report summarizes the ke

Investigation on the influence of the recession towards online shopping

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Monroe, Sinclair, and Wachinger (2009) have discovered that retail has been affected quite severely in the European countries because of the economic crisis. As a result, many retailers have had to struggle in order to survive these financially unviable conditions.

An investigation on consumer perception and trust in e-banking transactions through mobile phone.The case of Lloyds TSB

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ferences and Subjective Norms 16 2.3.11 Belief of Image 17 2.3.12 Awareness of Mobile Banking Products and Services 18 2.4 Conclusion 19 References 20 Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction E-banking is the word, frequently used in new the generation banking system.

New Kind of e-Business

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When looking for new e-businesses, it is important to understand that online and offline are two different entities which mean that they have two different ways of marketing and getting the word out about any product. In this report, a new business to create calisthenics for dogs will be explored.

Online consumer behaviors

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Personally, uncontrolled buying can lead to serious life problems and consumer impoverishments. Generally, it could raise consumer prices and sustain the social problems of extreme poverty (LaRose & Eastin, 2002). Now that buying and selling have reached the Internet, has uncontrolled buying behavior become more intense?

Dixons Retail Group

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In 2011, the group employed 38,000 people and reported a turnover UK ?8,154.4 million. Dixons Retail Group is operates under four divisions split geographically. These divisions, arranged according to their contribution to the overall group in terms of revenue in descending order are UK & Ireland, Nordics, Other International and Pure play e-commerce respectively.
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