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Discover nursing. Web site evaluation - Essay Example

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Author : anna44
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The internet can never be fully trusted for authenticity or credibility. All websites should be taken with a grain of salt unless you research and check them. This is especially true in the health fields, where incorrect information can be vital to a decision…

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Discover nursing. Web site evaluation

The internet can never be fully trusted for authenticity or credibility. All websites should be taken with a grain of salt unless you research and check them. This is especially true in the health fields, where incorrect information can be vital to a decision. I decided to research and a find a website to help other people evaluate how well the website I picked would help their needs.Discover Nursing is owned and operated by Johnson and Johnson Services Inc. All of the contents of the web page are copyrighted from 2002-2006. I could find no one single author listed for the site, however contact information is given. There is a section of the site called contact that gives you a form to fill out to contact the website. It also gives an email to use in case the other portion of the site doesn't work, or if you simply just want to contact the site via email. I could also not find the most recent time the site has been updated, but it looks like it is regularly kept up.The website covers several different topics. These topics range from profiles of people in nursing, nursing students, nurses with disabilities, men in nursing, minorities in nursing, the basics of nursing, nursing as a second career, nursing organizations, nursing careers, nursing school accreditation, job opportunities, benefits and salaries, flexibility, and the site also includes nursing scholarships searches, nursing program searches, nursing program without waiting lists, preparing for nursing school, as well as other miscellaneous nursing resources ...
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