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The company has unlimited market power even influencing how they charge higher prices. This may be confused with the ability to possess or own big businesses. Size is not all the characteristics of a monopoly in an enterprise, because a small business venture may also possess ability control market more than a big and existing companies. Body Characteristics of Monopoly An enterprise that enjoys monopoly exhibits a number of characteristics in the market or economy of operation. First, it maximizes profits. This is a value through the sales of the company’s services or goods to its consumers. For example in most of the third world countries and also in developing economies, most of the services or goods which have overall public consumption give way for the providing company to be a profit maximize (Lele, 2007). If it is only providing the electrical services for example, maximizing its profits is an easy feet to reach. This comes simply because there is or if any little competition from any other providing company. A company enjoying monopoly carries the tag of a price maker. ...Show more


Monopoly Name Institution Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Body 3 Characteristics of Monopoly 3 Merits of monopoly 4 Demerits of Monopoly 6 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction Monopoly is the Greek term meaning alone or single. This term exists when a specific enterprise is the only sole provider of a particular commodity…
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Monopoly essay example
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