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If you are dreaming of becoming a teacher or a professor one day, you will face Education (Pedagogical Science) disciplines. has prepared a wide range of study materials such as Education case study examples, examples of essay about education, course notes, research papers, outlines, term papers, example of research proposals in education. You see, being a teacher is not narrowed down to studying only one or two disciplines. A good potential teacher has to be aware of as many different academic subjects as possible. Knowledge makes a true teacher, and our database will allow you to get free high-quality materials.

How will winning this scholarship help you attain your goals?

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My determination and self interest in the academic achievement is the basic reason behind my success so far. However, there are a number of hurdles in the achievements of my academic career.

The role of education within society especially in regard to the interests of pupils and the social life

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Education has been traditionally related to many aspects of human life. In fact, education has been proved as being able to influence not just the life of individuals but also the life of the society.

Exams stress. Exams give no real indication of ability

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These are just some of the questions that run rampant through a student’s mind when they are faced with an exam. The stress alone is a distraction and makes if difficult for the student’s brain to function on the level that it normally does.


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Since education is the first stepping stone to success, all societies must ensure that their education system is providing quality education which is beneficial to the child. This can only be reality if a proper system which ensures equal education to all is implemented.

Critique of “Pressures to Conform” by Celia Milne

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Critique of “Pressures to Conform” by Celia Milne In “Pressures to Conform” by Celia Milne, she argues that the media and society have to be blamed for distorting the image of the ideal body weight and type for women. Advertisements, TV shows, and movies all showcase stunning women with skinny bodies, which send a strong message to women that this is the kind of beauty that they have to strive for.

Causes of School Violence

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Many students who experience school violence are not able to concentrate on their studies and thus get a failing grade at the end of the learning period. There are many causes of school violence. Some of the main causes are “domestic abuse, overcrowded schools, gang activity, drugs, depression, anger issues and more” (“School Violence” web).

Assistive Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The field of education is no different; innovative technologies have made their way into the classrooms and other modes of education that are being followed by the academicians in the prevailing times. Assistive technologies are also counted amongst these inventions of the modern era since they facilitate the acquisition of education by students who have disabilities.

Conflict Resolution

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The reason for this is, in conflict resolution process itself , the method to combat conflict is detailed. In general, conflicts can be of many types and the ways to deal with conflicts differ in various ways. However the process of dealing with conflicts is stated in the conflict solution method itself.

High School vs. College

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Introduction It is commonly believed that in order to live a positive future and a life of high quality, one need to attend high school level education and after its completion they should even continue studying for the higher level in college. Students as well as instructors and other stakeholders of the educational system assert that there is tremendous amount of difference between high school and college, even though both share the purpose of educating individuals.

High school dropout

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It is very important to reduce the rate of high school drop outs; it has become an epidemic which has been spreading at an alarming rate. However, it can be completely sorted out should the parents, teachers and the school management work in unison to solve this ever growing problem.

Causes / Effects of Part Time Jobs to College Students

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There are both positive and negative effects of part time jobs among college students. The positive effects are interaction and financial support, while negative effects are fatigue, poor concentration in studies, physical injury and psychological among others.


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I am currently enrolled in dual credit class in honor program with a GPA of 3.5. At present I am working as an intern in Rainbow cattle services in Texas where my responsibilities include feeding and watering cattle's and maintaining proper appearance of cattle's by washing and clipping them.

Politics and Policy in Education

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It was difficult for the government to bear all the social expenses therefore privatization was inevitable. Market became dominant in the economy by giving people license to pursue personal profit. All this made markets more competitive as barriers to entry were removes and everyone was given a level playing field.

Assessment in Mathematics.

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Assessment is alienable in the educational setting. This paper shall focus on teaching that is based on inquiry and how questioning has proven beneficial to the learners. Analysts argue that teachers must always be responsible for what they impose on their learners in the form of learning through questioning, and whether they are willing to maintain the trend on a particular learner.

Global Education Workshop, Part 2

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Furthermore, the objective reflects that approaches with respect to global education would eventually enable the students to become much aware about the globalized world as well as to understand the inequalities related to justice and human rights concerning global context.

Methods of Birth Assessments

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This paper will discuss about the different methods of birth assessment such as hypnobirthing, medical childbirth, caesarean, and the like. HypnoBirthing is claimed to be a “simplified form and straightforward approach” of child delivery believed to be suited for women who can undertake normal delivery without intervention and professional medical intervention for safe child delivery (MedlinePlus, 2013a).

Afterschool programs

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Such activities that are common to ‘idle’ children are involved in anti-ethical practices and behaviors for example drugs and substance abuse and enrolment into criminal gangs. Nevertheless, there are some factors that inhibit the successful adoption and implementation of after school programs.

Online College versus Traditional College

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Beaudoin (1998) has stressed that technology has created new platforms for making education accessible to people across the geographical boundaries. It has provided them with huge opportunities to enhance their professional competencies to survive in competitive environment.

Critically evaluate current neo-liberal education policies, in relation to forcing some schools to become academies. Do you thin

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Introduction 2. Evaluating current neo-liberal education policies and discussing policies in educational attainment. 3. Conclusion Critically evaluating current neo-liberal education policies, in relation to forcing some schools to become academies, and discussing if policies will help improve the educational attainment of children in Britain’s inner cities 1.

Educational Technology Proposal

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This paper will show how technology positively affects the learning of 6th Grade Mathematics in a small Louisiana school Demographics This school year, I had the pleasure of joining the staff at Lafarque Elementary. It is located in the small town of Effie, LA.

What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose?

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In his philosophy, Paulo admired an education system that gives the students and the teachers an equal opportunity. He believed that an education system that allows teachers and students to work and learn together on the same level will enable the students have a voice in a society that will try to oppress them (Irwin, 2012).

The Impact of Education On Social Change

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According to the paper education is a continuous process. It starts at the time of birth and ends at the time of death. Education is the bread and butter of a person throughout his entire journey of life. It makes the life of a person more meaningful and purposeful. Knowledge is bursting from all corners of the world and it is not wise for a person to keep a blind eye towards acquiring it. The society will hear the words of the educated people better than that of other’s.

Effective Leadership and Education: Understanding the Dimensions of Leadership in School Systems

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The ability to have effective leadership in schools is one which is also essential to creating the right alternatives for learning and opportunities for students and the school system. It has been found that there are a variety of dimensions associated with effective leadership and the importance it holds within schools.

European Enlightenment and Modern Schooling

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According to the paper scientists as well as philosophers began to embrace the reality of the existence of human rationality in a way they had previously not been free to do. Any subject which could not be comprehended through rational facts and the existing status of the sciences was viewed as being pointless or superstitious. The study of philosophy grew quite fashionable among the intellectuals who visited the salons, and literate citizens began to study philosophical opera.

Inclusion in Education

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Schooling provides the foundation for life learning; thereby it is expected to be accessible, of high quality and sensitive to the most disadvantaged (UNESCO, n.p, 2000). To many people, inclusion is a philosophical movement that is based on the notion, that all students, irrespective of their disability and level, should attain education in the same classroom, as their peers who are of the same age.

technology review

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ICT deals with the use of information in electronic format. Singleton states, “ICT incorporates products that store, receive, manipulate, transmit or retrieve digital information under a single umbrella”. The main reason behind using ICT in education is to facilitate teachers in explaining complex instructions and improving retentive memory of students.

Influence of European Enlightenment on modern schooling

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It has rightfully been referred so because before that Europe was dwelling in the dim light of the middle ages. Then suddenly the human mind was enlightened by the light of knowledge and education which helped mankind to move forward. The main goal of the Enlightenment movement was the understanding of the world and the place of the human kind in it alone on the basis of reason and understanding without referring to the religious beliefs.


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For example, if it is about hair-dying, I would not just tell them how to do it, I would actually perform the procedure on a model in front of the whole class. This provides them with an opportunity to observe each step from start to end. I also have the procedure video-recorded and provide the students with the recorded videos to get help in case they forget some step while they perform.

Second Language Acquisition Master Essay

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In the community, the individual who can talk using a second language usually gain more friends and have more affiliations. But there are also some people who seem to patronise their own language so much that they refuse or find it hard to learn a second language.

‘Fear of Heights: Teachers, parents and students are wary of achievement’

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It is not fair to assume that clever students had fewer friends and did not join in extra curricular activities. On person I knew was great at Art and Design and English, she loved them and became a real asses to the Drama group, designing sets and directing plays, coaching other students.

Parent Involvement in schools

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and education in that it has been regarded to be the most important aspect of learning to the learner as ide from having a school and teachers to impart education on them. As such, research on parental involvement in children’s education indicates that participation promotes

Using popular culture in the classroom

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The aim was to induce a strong and keen interest in performing the tasks which had been allocated to the children. This also indicates that the children interests and motivations can be encouraged by engaging their interests.

Leadership and Organisation - Master of Education in Leadership, Policy & Change/Master of Organisational Behaviour

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At the same time, the organisation requires a forward-thinking, authoritarian practitioner who can develop successful future-based policies that guide the organisation toward success, expansion and profitability. This is the heart of strategic leadership: An individual or group that surveys the current business environment, compares its structure and performance to external forces, and develops a mission or vision that guides the organisation toward future objectives.

Biblical Philosophy of Education

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While education in the worldly sense is the end, according to Biblical philosophy, education is only the way; the way to truth, that is God.

Second Language Learning. Application Of Language Strategies In School.

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Second Language Learning. Second language learning English language learners are increasing all over the world as the need to acquire English as a second language increases. A good number of these students represent approximately ten percent of students in the United States of America.

The Effects of the Leadership Style of the High School Principal on School Climate and Academic Achievement

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In order to make accurate use of these resources and explore other frontiers at the same time it is important that individuals of the country are provided with the education which is competent enough to provide them with the skill and the quality to face any challenge of their life with utmost ease and convenience.

Develop your own pedagogic creed.

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Pedagogy is the professional and preparatory mode of delivering teaching to educators and through proper instructions. There are several theories concerning the interpretation of pedagogy in educative circles.

Policy And Practice In The Education Of Bilingual Children

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The number of children joining schools in their early years, with English not their first language is increasing. All stakeholders in the educational sector work together to make learning for these children successful. It is often thought that bilingual children growing in English speaking countries live in two different worlds.

Ethical dilemmas teachers face

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The profession of teaching is very demanding. “A teacher is meant to facilitate learning for an individual by creating a loving learning environment and providing adequate learning experiences” (Kishore, 2010). Often, the work is so much that the teacher has to take it home.

Transformational Leadership and Risk Taking to Improve Student Achievement

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Educational leaders are facing challenges in their organizations that will require them to manage, change, and transform their organizations. According to Leithwood (2008), leadership is not so much a stand-alone function as a catalyst for other functions.

Sociology of Education

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To ensure maintenance of social order in the society, the theory emphasizes on indoctrinating new generations with norms and values contained in education curriculum. In United Kingdom, the sociological importance of functionalism has declined, but in education institutions, the theory continues playing a significant role in defining and shaping the guiding policies (Kumar, and Hill, 2009).


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The seriousness of the problem of cyber bullying cannot be overstated. It is therefore imperative that a lasting solution to cyber bullying is devised. The paper looks at the various methods that are used in perpetrating cyber bullying, including emails and social media sites.

The Relationship Between Science Teachers’ Performance in the Classroom and Student Achievement: A Correlational Qualitative Research Study.

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In a globally competitive society, America must develop a well-trained workforce in order to compete. Preparing and equipping students with skills is essential if America is to remain one of the world’s superpowers. To develop and facilitate strategies to reform the education system in America reassessment of teacher qualifications, teaching styles, professional development training of teachers, and the interaction that takes place in the classroom is necessary.

The benefits and drawbacks of digitalisation in educational sector

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The digital technology incorporated in educational sector should be user friendly. Otherwise teachers and students may stay away from it. Younger generation adapts more easily with the digitalization process in educational sector than the older generation.

Importance of Physical Education to student achievement

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It is important to establish this indirect connection as these elements are complimentary to the health of the student which is in turn is a determinant of the performance of the student. This literature review complies studies conducted on the impact of physical education on various aspects of student performance.

Education: A Vehicle for Maintaining the Status Quo and Force for Social Change

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In addition knowledge is used as a vehicle for maintaining status quo in the society and also as a force of change according to critical pedagogy. The central aspects of critical pedagogy suggest that there is an imbalanced social stratification in the society, which is based on race, gender, and class (Luke & Gore 1992).

Children and the Sense of Placement

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During early years, as a baby the child starts to develop visuospatial attention. A visuospatial attention is developed by being familiar with the visual stimuli. In case of a baby, it starts to recognize its siblings, parents, and other close family members.

Politeness Theory

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Under the politeness theory, it is assumed that various speech acts such as requests and orders tend to jeopardize the antecedents face needs, these needs are categorized as either concerned with the upholding of a positive or negative self-image (Brown and Levinson, 1978).

End of Module assesment work

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It will consider the differences and similarities of the pair of articles in relation to several areas such as topics, methodology, scope, conclusion, among others. Part A: Differences and similarities of the pair of articles Similarities and differences in topic There exist several similarities and differences in the topics of the two articles.

Emergent literacy and the component of alphabet knowledge

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The process starts right from birth and goes until the child is able to read and write with conventional parameters. Children start reading by guessing long before they join a school, and start scribbling long before they are taught how to make sentences.
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