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How important is it that education is immediately and obviously relevant to the interests of the pupils and to life in society?

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However, school has also a significant role in the development of children not only as individuals, meaning their cognitive capabilities, but also as members of the society. Indeed, school has been often regarded as the first level of the pupils’ socialization, under the terms that it is in school that children first face the social rules and ethics (Antikainen 1996).

Conflict Resolution

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The reason for this is, in conflict resolution process itself , the method to combat conflict is detailed. In general, conflicts can be of many types and the ways to deal with conflicts differ in various ways. However the process of dealing with conflicts is stated in the conflict solution method itself.


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Since education is the first stepping stone to success, all societies must ensure that their education system is providing quality education which is beneficial to the child. This can only be reality if a proper system which ensures equal education to all is implemented.

What challenges do the educational philosophies of Paulo Freire and Waldorf schools pose?

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Educational Philosophies of the Waldorf Schools and Paulo Freire In his philosophy, Paulo admired an education system that gives the students and the teachers an equal opportunity. He believed that an education system that allows teachers and students to work and learn together on the same level will enable the students have a voice in a society that will try to oppress them (Irwin, 2012).

Assessment in Mathematics.

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Assessment is alienable in the educational setting. This paper shall focus on teaching that is based on inquiry and how questioning has proven beneficial to the learners. Analysts argue that teachers must always be responsible for what they impose on their learners in the form of learning through questioning, and whether they are willing to maintain the trend on a particular learner.

Sociology of Education

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To ensure maintenance of social order in the society, the theory emphasizes on indoctrinating new generations with norms and values contained in education curriculum. In United Kingdom, the sociological importance of functionalism has declined, but in education institutions, the theory continues playing a significant role in defining and shaping the guiding policies (Kumar, and Hill, 2009).

Policy And Practice In The Education Of Bilingual Children

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The number of children joining schools in their early years, with English not their first language is increasing. All stakeholders in the educational sector work together to make learning for these children successful. It is often thought that bilingual children growing in English speaking countries live in two different worlds.

Develop your own pedagogic creed.

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Various theorists have detailed cohesive reports on the efficiency of pedagogies in attaining the overall mandate of ensuring successful teaching practices. Some of the included theorists are Paulo Freire, Peter McLaren, Joseph Jacotot and Benjamin Bloom, among others.

Importance of Physical Education to student achievement

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It is important to establish this indirect connection as these elements are complimentary to the health of the student which is in turn is a determinant of the performance of the student. This literature review complies studies conducted on the impact of physical education on various aspects of student performance.

Causes of School Violence

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Many students who experience school violence are not able to concentrate on their studies and thus get a failing grade at the end of the learning period. There are many causes of school violence. Some of the main causes are “domestic abuse, overcrowded schools, gang activity, drugs, depression, anger issues and more” (“School Violence” web).

Education: A Vehicle for Maintaining the Status Quo and Force for Social Change

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In addition knowledge is used as a vehicle for maintaining status quo in the society and also as a force of change according to critical pedagogy. The central aspects of critical pedagogy suggest that there is an imbalanced social stratification in the society, which is based on race, gender, and class (Luke & Gore 1992).

Emergent literacy and the component of alphabet knowledge

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The process starts right from birth and goes until the child is able to read and write with conventional parameters. Children start reading by guessing long before they join a school, and start scribbling long before they are taught how to make sentences.

Current trends in college teaching or challenges facing college students today

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In the first paragraph, this paper presents the summary of the whole article focusing on the main arguments. The other paragraphs present a critique of the paper. As demonstrated in this paper, chase present arguments on key issues that result into college students teaching.

Dynamic Leadership: Communication for Crucial Conversations

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Restructuring a department is a short-term strategy that has long-term effect on the department. Workers often have negative attitude towards layoffs and restructuring of organizations. During the restructuring process, the welfare of the workers needs to be considered in order to achieve positive outcomes.

"Decision Making: Developing Your Philosophy of Education"

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Perennialism is basically going back to the classics and learn the eternal truths and mankinds enduring achievements. Progressisvism aims the student to discover the world by experimenting through the guide of an enlightened teacher while essentialism posits that education should be useful (Wingo, 2000).

Understanding inclusive education

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Inclusive perspective can be best understood through the example of inclusive education. Inclusive education, or inclusive teaching, means: “teaching in ways that do not exclude students, accidentally or intentionally, from opportunities to learn” (University of Washington 2013, par.3).

Schools and relationship with childhood

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This transition introduced new set of challenges to the United Kingdom such as poverty, huge population density, and political concerns. In this assignment, I will explore the history of mass education in United Kingdom and the United States and equally relate education to society.

The use of technology in education

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As Thadani states, “the latest developments in technology can be seen and felt in many industries, but there are some areas that have been benefited more than others” (1). Some of those fields include long distance communication, nursing and healthcare, product design and manufacturing, ecommerce, and education.

Is the capacity to acquire language also available for acquiring an additional language?

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It happens where people seek to pursue a career, translation, employment or enrolling in an institution. Second language acquisition is a useful contributor to communication and globalization (Peacock, 2001). Acquisition of second language involves a complex process of the brain and organs of speech and hearing.

Brown v Board of Ed

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Racism has existed in this nation since the 1890’s. The minority groups namely Negroes, Hispanics, Latinos and Indians have suffered the most out of the race issue. Early in the 1900’s education belonged to the whites only. The minority groups demanded the freedom to enjoy equal rights.

The Acculturation Model

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That being said, some theories have proven much more effective than other is giving students the optimal opportunity to acquire a second language. The Acculturation Model proposed by John Schumann is perhaps one of the most widely known models for effective second language acquisition, and its use has been implemented into countless programs worldwide since its inception.

Philosophy of Education

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This paper will describe my philosophy of education and include sections on all the components of philosophy of education described above. Overall, my philosophy of education is mainly based on the essentialist theory of education. I believe that the main purpose of secondary school is to train the intellect of the students and teach students culture and traditions of the past.

the effect the outdoor enviroment has on childrens knowledge and understanding of the world

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Most of the learning is carried out in classrooms with teachers and books. However, considerations on outdoor learning have also pervaded children’s education and learning. This chapter shall discuss related studies discussing the effect of the outdoor environment on children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.

philophy of education

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Some of the major problems are distributing the resources among different racial, ethnic, socio-economic groups, efficiently and without discrimination. The privacy of a student is an issue that challenges every teacher. Religious teachings’ involvement is an issue that teachers across the globe have to contemplate on.

health education

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The societal incentive to be “healthy” is persistent. However, many of us may have a varying definition of what “healthy” actually is. Some people believe ideal health is found in diet, while others believe it is found in exercise. Some even believe that it is the appearance of health is synonymous with actual health.
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