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Hands-on Learning Motivates Students in the Science Classroom - Thesis Example

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Author : slueilwitz
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This study ventured to assess student learning of a hands-on activity in the science classroom among Grade 10 students cognizant of the Clough argument that hands-on activity per se is not enough to help students learn science, such that teachers are duty-bound to verify whether learning has transpired, and to evaluate whether hands-on learning, indeed motivates students in the science classroom. …

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Hands-on Learning Motivates Students in the Science Classroom

Grounded on the findings of the study, all groups of respondents demonstrated their concurrence with the thesis statement that “hands-on learning motivates students in the science classroom”. The following conclusions were drawn for the specific objectives of the study.
This report makes a conclusion that the uniqueness of each individual is one of the perplexities of humankind. Even twins have different set of fingerprints and different ways of learning styles and preferred teaching method. Even student teachers who are well-versed on the efficacy of various teaching methods prefer different teaching styles. The experienced science teachers recognized such individual differences and attributed different favorite teaching styles to such differences. The teachers declared that there is no one single style which can help develop the cognitive competence of students in science. In some concepts, however, one or a combination of two methods have proven to be more efficient that other styles. Teachers have to be aware of student preference and needs to adapt lessons and activities to these varying needs. The Science teachers enumerated several advantages and disadvantages of hands-on activities. Among the advantages identified were: hands-on activities enable students to experience scientific phenomena through experiments with physical materials; these activities teach a student in planning investigations, utilization of scientific instruments, and in the collection, recording, and analysis of data. ...
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