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The individuals with the disabilities educational act

The individuals with the disabilities educational act

The main point of this study is to examine laws governing and protecting the rights of a child with EBD to receive an education and to bring attention to services currently being provided to those children. A survey for secondary students in both residential and day correctional institutions (grades 7-12) will be conducted. The study will also address the concerns and opinions of parents, guardians, caretakers and all concerned with the care of children diagnosed with EBD. The title I have developed for my degree is Emotional and Behavioral Education in Youth.

Many children and youth, including those with emotional and behavioral disorders were neglected and abused in the 19th century. Concern for the mental and physical health of children expanded greatly in the early 20th century. According to Kanner, child guidance clinics in the era made three major innovations (1) interdisciplinary collaboration; (2) treatment of any child whose behavior was annoying to parents and teachers, not just the severe cases; and (3) attention to the effects of interpersonal relationships and adult attitudes on child behavior. If one looks closely at these three innovations of the time, it reveals the origins of some of the standards found in today’s IDEA.
This proposal primarily focuses on whether the standards as outlined within IDEA, 2004 are being adhered to by day treatment/residential schools and juvenile correctional facilities in addition to a direct observation of local juvenile correctional facilities.
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The individuals with the disabilities educational act (IDEA 2004) provides children diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders educational opportunities by the federal government. These children do not always live in defined areas. Some go to day schools and others live in correctional facilities.
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