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Copyright and Student Use

Copyright protection can be availed for original work of authorship. It comes into existence from the time when the work of author takes a permanent authorized form. As per the copyright law it is only optional to register the work in the copyright office. Although when the work is registered, there are advantages. Normally literary works, musical works, works related to drama, works related to choreography, pictorial and sculpture works, films, sound recordings, softwares etc are copyrightable. However facts, words, symbols, lettering, ideas, scorecards, diaries etc does not come under the purview of the copyright act. The rights of the copyright owner can be divided into five categories, which are reproduction of the work, preparation of copied work, carrying out the work, exhibiting the work and the allocation of the work.
One of the main aspects of the copyright law is called "fair use." The term "fair use" is often used as a justification for replication. This aspect has been widely exploited by people associated with education under the pretext that it is essential for teaching and schools which come under the non profit organization category to use copyright works. As per section 107 of the copyright act there are four ways to replicate a work legally. ...
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This essay titled Copy right and student use deals with the copyright act and its implication on students. The essay highlights the relevance of copyright act and how the act can be used for the student's advantage. Moreover some aspects of the term Fair use are also addressed…
Author : iondricka

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