Personal Statement: Doctor of Pharmacy Degreeed pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and longterm profe - Essay Example

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Personal Statement: Doctor of Pharmacy Degreeed pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and longterm profe

Through growth, learning, and personal development, that role begins to take shape. My fascination with the human mind introduced me to the world of psychology. Now, my personal experiences and acquired learning have taken that introduction to a whole new level on the physiology of the human mind; how the mind can and will be stimulated to varying results through the use of different medicines--and the role I will be playing in that physiology.
As with many cities in the United States, the streets of San Francisco are home to many people with no apparent place to go. It was here that I was able to observe many homeless people; however, one in particular sticks out in my mind. A man, whom I will refer to as "Jack," would often appear on a corner of the street shouting to gain attention from anyone; however, whenever a person asked "Jack" his name, he would reply with a different answer. Through my psychology courses, I was able to ascertain that "Jack" was most likely suffering from a multiple personality disorder. ...
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If ever there were a time for aspiring students to enter into the field of pharmaceuticals, now is that time. The pharmaceutical industry is exploding as more opportunities, choices, and responsibilities are given to pharmacists and recognized by others. As the profession grows stronger, shortages on pharmacists continue to grow (Davis, 1999)…
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