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Mathematics.Games for drill and practice.

Since 1989, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has developed standards for Mathematics in the schools. Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 are included in these standards that relate to instruction, classroom materials, and student evaluation.The NCTM standards are more specific and detailed models of teaching procedures. The NCTM standards describe specific ways base ten blocks and other manipulative can be used to help students understand the certain concepts within the standards. In this essay four different activities are described.In this particular game each student begins with 20 fish out of water. Each player rolls a die and counts out that many fish to return to the fish bowl. The first player to return all 20 of his/her fish to the bowl wins the game. The materials used are foam fish cutouts and a plastic bowl for a more realistic version of the game or download the directions, game mat and center icons for Fish out of Water.This game is designed especially for the pre-kindergarten kids who are very new to numbers and help children understand basic number concepts thus helping them to develop the number sense of basic counting. Also, the activity enhances the kid's ability to recognize the numbers better and remember them for a longer period of time.The set of instructions given for this game are very simple and easy to comprehend for the kids who are just learning to recognize the numbers. For example the instructor can show a video of the activity and then play with the help of the instructor and finally let them play on their own.
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Since 1989, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has developed standards for Mathematics in the schools. Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 are included in these standards that relate to instruction, classroom materials, and student evaluation…
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