Determinants of Academic Performance

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There has been a general concern in US government and the public about the high adolescent drop out of school. This has been coupled with poor academic performance, low learning motivation, drug use and abuse among the adolescents, early pregnancies bad morals and ethics resulting to poor discipline and poor interpersonal relationships as well as harbouring violent behaviour.


The study is timely especially in the advent of poor academic performance and high dropping from the school by adolescents. In the advent of these challenges, the results of the investigation into the problem will provide crucial information and data to educational officers and policy makers who will in turn use the results to come up with new policies to address the problem.
The study is also significant to the school Heads, teachers and parents who may use the data gathered so as to strategize on how to encourage and motivate the adolescent students in learning to improve their academic performance and stiffly face the challenges that comes their way.
The study will be limited in that it shall draw a lot from existing data much of which may not be reliable. It is also expected that lack of previous research in the field might also pose challenges to the researcher. The researcher may also receive untrue information from some of the interviewees and this may lead to lack of truth and validity in his findings.
The study shall restrict itself to the factors and effects surrounding the poor academic performance among adolescent students in the US. It will specifically look into factors and effects that arise from the home environment and the learning motivation of the learners. ...
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